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 " Pics speak louder than words " 

Check out the screenshot where I won Rs 297 /- and redeemed successfully into my paytm account --- > bank account ;)

Pm me for link...get sign up bonus also !  Earn karo bhai ! 




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Updated pic

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14 hours ago, rockstar2016 said:

got it bro.. app is very slow... hope will try tommorow.

App gets slow at times...that is basically after you watch a video and press the emoticon after that timer sometimes it just keeps on rotating instead of going back  to the menu.

So what you can do is after it starts rotating for some time press the back button of your phone (make sure internet is there ) and in the main menu you can see the video will be unlocked !



So basically what is happening is there are 8 draws per day and if you notice carefully you can see some draws are exactly or 90 % similar to previous one considering the videos they put up.So what you guys can do is after watching all the videos click on Winners tab and basically check the pattern of a few days to check if a similarity is there and then arrange them. I have found that everyday there is atleast one common one.So basically you can earn some bucks by carefully monitoring the patterns !!



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