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Nutiriton Instant Energy Drink Powder  1000GM

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    MSRP Rs.799.00 Deal Price Rs.319.00

Available flavour: Blue berry, Mango, pineapple, Strawberry 


Dissolve 35 Gms. In 200 ml. of cold water consumer the drink for instant sparking energy and bubbling enthusiasm


Mypro Sport Nutrition Instant Energy Drink Delivers Intense Muscle Pumps- Dextrose: One dose of two table spoonful of (35 gm. ) provides 128 kcal which is 1/8th of the daily requirement of calories from carbohydrates. Dextrose readily gets assimilated and emits energy to overcome tiredness. Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C): One serving will provide 7. 5 mg. of this important water soluble vitamin which is the daily requirement. Ascorbic acid helps adjust again stresses and strains, augments antibody formation and improves phagocytosis, leading to increased resistance to infections. . Zinc Sulphate: One serving will provide 7. 5 mg. of elementals zinc, which is half of the Daily dietary requirement. Zinc is a vital element for nucleic acid synthesis. Zinc also improves test faculty and thus increases desire for food during convalescence. L-Glutamine: It has been estimated that a typical diet may contain 3 to 6 grams per day, although this amount could vary basedon the types and quantities of foods consumed. If you decide to take a glutamine supplement, it is probably best to start witha conservative dose of around 5 grams per day.






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