[Live @ 6PM 26th Sep] Campus Shoes at Rs. 1 for 1 Minute @ Ajio


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Only for 36 second get SuperDry Clothing going at Rs. 1 only from Ajio. After successful event of Only & Veromoda Clothing Rs. 1 for 1 Minute & SuperDry Clothing at Rs. 1 for 36 Second now again 6pm 26th SEp, you have chance to grab Rs. 1 deal deal.


will work on only ajio app. Be ready with default address. *Only 1 product per person (open app > Click on banner > Click men's or womens) : tip: if banner not showing then close and reopen app or update app.


Thing to Notice:-

  • Deal will live only on Ajio App.
  • Deal will be there only for 60 second.
  • Only 1 quantity can be ordered.
  • You can't add product in cart before 6PM.


Tips for Success:-

  • Be ready with default address.
  • Make sure your cart is empty before sale.
  • Target product which is not eye catching and from below in list (because many try to get good looking product and top in list)
  • Open Ajio app before 4-5 Minute of sale. 
  • Act fast at right 6PM (use any world clock or pc clock to see second). Just click on product > select size > select address.
  • You can also try this: Open product at Just 1 second before time > Select any size and add to cart.


How to get Campus Shoes at Rs. 1 for 1 Minute?

  1. Visit deal page here  (Open from Ajio app)
  2. Be ready with Default address
  3. Click on Campus banner.
  4. Live @ 6PM


Order Done


Screen shot of last day Rs. 1 order successfully placed


Deal Price History
  • Posted by Admin on 26th Sep 16:48:00 Rs. 1 in superdeal
  • Posted by Admin on 25th Sep 23:02:00 Rs. 1 in superdeal
  • Posted by Admin on 25th Sep 23:00:00 Rs. 1 in superdeal