[Amazon Free Certification Course] Internet of Things Foundation Series FREE COURSE

[Amazon Free Certification Course] Internet of Things Foundation Series FREE COURSE. 




The Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation Series comprises a set of courses that offer a broad experience across IoT Core and its associated services. Each class in the series is centered around a scenario where a fictitious customer has a business challenge. The information and activities in the class provide the knowledge and skills to overcome this challenge.

It is recommended that you complete the series in order. However, if you prefer to skip a topic or pick and choose topics, you may. Please understand that you might miss information that was presented in an earlier class.

Once you complete the series, you will have gained foundational knowledge and skills within AWS IoT and hands-on experience with a broad range of topics, such as Telemetry, Predictive Maintenance, and IoT Automation. Furthermore, by completing the IoT Foundation Series, you will be better prepared to dive deeply into more technical topics, such as IoT Security, MQTT, and the AWS IoT Rules Engine.



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