Already we are so busy with our office work and home that we almost every time keep on forgetting that the most important thing - paying bills. Yes, it's bitter to listen, but that's the only truth. Sometimes we feel too lethargic to go outside and stand in a queue just to pay a bill. Or sometimes we do not even get time for it.


But this generation has a solution to the problem. Now we can pay bills online, be it electricity bill, landline bill, mobile recharge, broadband, anything you can pay online in just a few taps.




We at least need 1-2 hours from our busy schedule to pay the bill. First, you have to take out the time, get dressed, travel to the office and wait in a long queue for your turn. But we chop down these hours into a few seconds. Online payment is so time-saving that you can pay your bills chilling out at your chair with a mug of coffee.




Did you ever get a discount on your bills, when you go to pay them? No, right? But while paying online you can get flat discounts on your D2H bills, electricity bills, Mobile recharge, etc.