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  2. What is the Amazon Business value days offer ("Offers")? (a) Shop on Amazon.in/business during Amazon Business value days from your verified business account & avail the following cashback offer: Get 10% Cashback on minimum spend of INR 1000. Apply code NOVBVD and avail maximum cashback of INR 500. (b) The Offer is applicable only on purchase of all products except for Mobiles & accessories, Jewelry, beauty products, grocery and pantry, baby products, health care related products, gift cards, bill payments on Amazon.in/business and by a Business Customer during the Offer Period, for a minimum spend of INR 1000. (c) The Offer is available from November 24th 12 AM, 2020 to November 30th , 2020 11:59PM ("Offer Period"). (d) The maximum cashback for Business Customers is INR 500 with offer code "NOVBVD" during the offer period. (e) The Offer is applicable for a successful transaction, upon adjustment for refunds, conducted on Amazon.in/business during the Offer Period. (f) Any cancelled order(s) will not be eligible for the offer. If the order value falls below INR 1000 then such transaction will not be eligible for the offer and the cashback amount will be deducted from the refund amount of such orders for the purpose of the Offer. (g) For all newly registered amazon business users, it will take 48 hours post verification for the users to be able to apply the code and avail the offer. (h) Offer is applicable only for the first two users of a business account. The first two users are basis the business registered date. (i) Check Product Detail Page to check if the offer is applicable on your account (j) New enrolled customers will be able to avail the offer code only after 36-48 hours post verification. (k) The offer is only applicable to “fulfilled by Amazon” (FBA) products only and not applicable on seller fulfilled orders. How can I avail this cashback offer? (a) Shop on Amazon Business (Sign in with your business account on Amazon.in) for order value more than INR 1000 & avail 10% cashback. On the checkout page, enter code “NOVBVD” under “Gift Cards, Voucher & Promotional codes” section. You will see a message “Promotion Applied”. As long as INR 1000 or more is charged & payment is done through electronic payment mode while making purchase of laptops and desktops on Amazon.in/business, you will get a cashback on the purchase. Is this offers valid on Cash on Delivery? No If I don’t apply the code but make a purchase of value above INR 1000 will I get the cashback? No. You can avail cashback only if you apply code "NOVBVD" at the checkout page under “Gift Cards, Voucher & Promotional codes” section. You will see a message “Promotion Applied” below Promotions applied. Please click on “Place Your Order and Pay” to successfully place your order. What is the minimum transaction size for the cashback for the duration of the event? The minimum transaction amount to avail discount is INR 1000 for 10% cashback on all the products in a single transaction on Amazon.in/business, net of buybacks, refunds and cancellations. Is this offer valid on all the products? No. Please note that the offer is valid on selected set of products. This offer is not applicable on :Mobiles & accessories, One Plus Mobile phones, Amazon Pantry products, Grocery, health products, personal care products, hand wash, sanitizers, beauty products, Baby products, Jewelry, Gift Cards (both Amazon gift cards and other non-Amazon gift cards), Bank cards (such as RBL and ticket compliments gift cards), Amazon Prime membership, Digital accessories', 'Digital products', 'Amazon devices (Kindle, Echo, Fire TV Stick)', 'Kindle e-books and Kindle Unlimited subscription', Tickets (travel, movie and event), 'hotel bookings', 'mobile recharges', Loads in Amazon Pay Balance, Bill payments like 'postpaid bill payments and utility payments (Electricity, Landline, Broadband, Gas, DTH)Please check the product detail page to see validity of offer. Check for the offer on the detail page under Offers – Cashback to check if the offer is applicable or not. What is the maximum discount that I can avail? The maximum discount that can be availed under the offer is INR 500 on the purchases of all the products across Amazon.in/business during the Offer Period. Is cashback under this offer applicable on credit, debit & corporate cards? Yes. The cashback is available with only electronic payment mode – credit and debit cards, corporate cards, net banking, Amazon Pay & Gift Cards. This offer is not applicable for Cash on delivery orders. My payment failed while placing the order; will I be eligible for the cash back under this Offer? If your payment failed while placing an order, Amazon.in gives you an option to revive your payment for such order made using your Business Account. If you revive your payment within the offer duration, you will be eligible for the gift coupon. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/b?ie=UTF8&node=21102587031
  3. Keya Pasta Meal Kit- Italian Pasta Meal Kit, 420g https://www.amazon.in/Keya-Pasta-Meal-Kit-Italian/dp/B08KMGKZ78/ Keya Pasta Meal Kit- Arrabbiata Pasta Meal Kit, 420g https://www.amazon.in/Keya-Pasta-Meal-Kit-Arrabbiata/dp/B08KMGXY24/ Keya Pasta Meal Kit- Tandoori Pasta Meal Kit, 420g https://www.amazon.in/Keya-Pasta-Meal-Kit-Tandoori/dp/B08KMH3C41/ View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Keya-Pasta-Meal-Kit-Tandoori/dp/B08KMH3C41/
  4. View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/yonex-gr-303-f-red-strung-badminton-racquet/p/itmfea6c41947892?pid=RAQE8NHGTQZNPHDB&lid=LSTRAQE8NHGTQZNPHDBZVZ4JY&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=b_1_6&otracker=hp_omu_Deals%2Bof%2Bthe%2BDay_4_3.dealCard.OMU_RSY8684HIUDW_2&otracker1=hp_omu_SECTIONED_neo%2Fmerchandising_Deals%2Bof%2Bthe%2BDay_NA_dealCard_cc_4_NA_view-all_2&fm=neo%2Fmerchandising&iid=6a951eda-5851-4ca5-b125-8d5a8accafce.RAQE8NHGTQZNPHDB.SEARCH&ppt=browse&ppn=browse&ssid=92bnsuwp800000001606191856725
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  6. NEA N95 / KN95 FFP2 5 Layer Reusable Anti - Pollution , Anti - Virus Breathable Face Mask N95 Washable ( White ) for Men , Women and Kids mask respirator GV601 Water Resistant, Reusable, Washable (White, Free Size, Pack of 10) View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/nea-n95-kn95-ffp2-5-layer-reusable-anti-pollution-virus-breathable-face-mask-washable-white-men-women-kids-respirator-gv601-water-resistant-reusable/p/itmb1b85499067ee?pid=MRPFRNXFXKTSHVBT&lid=LSTMRPFRNXFXKTSHVBTY88RUS
  7. Keya Cooking essentials-Up to 50 % off View deal - https://www.amazon.in/s?i=grocery&bbn=2454178031&rh=n%3A2454178031%2Cp_85%3A10440599031%2Cp_89%3AKeya%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665400031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1606131872
  8. Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash, 15ml (Pack Of 6), 90 g (Pack of 6) View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Garnier-Clear-Face-Wash-15ml/dp/B08M4KZQ2V
  9. List Price .................................. ₹85,990 ₹3,000 off with Coupon ICICINB - price ₹82,990 10 % off with ICICI AMEX Emi................ Price ₹77,990 View deal - https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B08H9PTSYR
  10. Use Code KIDS500 Get Up To Extra 500 Off on 1590 and Above View deal - https://www.ajio.com/s/kids500-1592986995
  11. List Price .................................. ₹73,990 10 % off with ICICI AMEX Emi................ Price ₹68,990 View deal - https://www.amazon.in/ASUS-Graphics-Windows-Fortress-FX566LH-BQ036T/dp/B08CY9C7TW
  12. List Price .................................. ₹38,990 10 % off with ICICI AMEX Emi................ Price ₹35,091 View deal - https://www.amazon.in/AVITA-NS14A8INF561-PAF-i5-10210U-Integrated-Graphics/dp/B08H17YDFR
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  14. Peter England https://www.tatacliq.com/footwear/c-msh13?q=%3Aprice-asc%3Acategory%3AMSH13%3AinStockFlag%3Atrue%3AisLuxuryProduct%3Afalse%3AdiscountFlag%3A30%25%2B-%2B50%25%3AdiscountFlag%3A50%25%2B-%2B70%25%3AdiscountFlag%3A10%25%2B-%2B30%25%3Abrand%3AMBH13A00208 Sparx https://www.tatacliq.com/footwear/c-msh13/?q=%3Aprice-asc%3Acategory%3AMSH13%3AinStockFlag%3Atrue%3AisLuxuryProduct%3Afalse%3Abrand%3AMBH13F00116%3AdiscountFlag%3A50%25%2B-%2B70%25%3AdiscountFlag%3A30%25%2B-%2B50%25%3AdiscountFlag%3A10%25%2B-%2B30%25 View deal - https://www.tatacliq.com/footwear/c-msh13/?q=%3Aprice-asc%3Acategory%3AMSH13%3AinStockFlag%3Atrue%3AisLuxuryProduct%3Afalse%3Abrand%3AMBH13F00116%3AdiscountFlag%3A50%2525%2B-%2B70%2525%3AdiscountFlag%3A30%2525%2B-%2B50%2525%3AdiscountFlag%3A10%2525%2B-%2B30%2525
  15. List Price .................................. ₹299 5 % off with Coupon UPI5.................. Price ₹284 View deal - https://www.tatacliq.com/envent-beatz-300-wired-earphone-with-mic-et-epie300-black-grey/p-mp000000006833252
  16. Jbl C50Hi In-Ear Wired Earphones With Mic (Red) https://www.tatacliq.com/jbl-c50hi-in-ear-headphones-with-mic-black/p-mp000000004863557 List Price .................................. ₹449 5 % off with Coupon UPI5.................. Price ₹427 View deal - https://www.tatacliq.com/jbl-c50hi-in-ear-headphones-with-mic-red/p-mp000000005200282
  17. Chromozome vest's & Tees Min 50 % off View deal - https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&bbn=1571271031&rh=n%3A1571271031%2Cp_85%3A10440599031%2Cp_n_feature_nineteen_browse-bin%3A11301357031%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665401031%2Cp_89%3AChromozome&s=price-asc-rank&dc&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1606038750
  18. Maybelline New York Baby Lips Cherry Kiss & Berry crush (Pack of: 2, 31.2 g) View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/maybelline-new-york-baby-lips-cherry-kiss-berry-crush/p/itmd1b97458f4775?pid=LPBFUHXEEFNNZKSU&lid=LSTLPBFUHXEEFNNZKSUI9GOB7
  19. Hershey's Syrup Chocolate (1300 g, Pack of 1) View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/hershey-s-syrup-chocolate/p/itmeznxjjcz9nvy4?pid=SYRFGW6AYGEGHT3E&lid=LSTSYRFGW6AYGEGHT3EF3JNLO
  20. HealthVit Tulsi Drops Natural Immunity Booster - 30ml (30 ml) View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/healthvit-tulsi-drops-natural-immunity-booster-30ml/p/itm80bf7c30d9732?pid=VSLFHJYYVZZJBBZG&lid=LSTVSLFHJYYVZZJBBZGCKZU8O
  21. India Gate Super Basmati Rice 5 kg India Gate Super Basmati Rice 5 kg Offer: Use @ Jio UPI on JioMart for paying a minimum purchase amount of Rs. 500.00 and get Flat Rs. 50/- Cashback in your JioMart Wallet. Also on Pantry https://www.amazon.in/India-Gate-Basmati-Rice-Super/dp/B01JYTZ0OS View deal - https://www.jiomart.com/p/groceries/india-gate-super-basmati-rice-5-kg/490008232
  22. Timex TW0TG7304 Analog Watch - For Men View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/timex-tw0tg7304-analog-watch-men/p/itm8c8375506dcb9?pid=WATFUQEWBYFZ7GFJ&lid=LSTWATFUQEWBYFZ7GFJALHJRC
  23. Deo's from Park Avenue , Wildstone , KS Min 50 % OFF View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/beauty-and-grooming/fragrances/pr?sid=g9b%2C0yh&marketplace=FLIPKART&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Fragrances&p%5B%5D=facets.discount_range_v1%255B%255D%3D50%2525%2Bor%2Bmore&sort=price_asc&p%5B%5D=facets.fulfilled_by%255B%255D%3DFlipkart%2BAssured&p%5B%5D=facets.brand%255B%255D%3DWild%2BStone&p%5B%5D=facets.brand%255B%255D%3DPark%2BAvenue&p%5B%5D=facets.brand%255B%255D%3DPark%2Bavenue&p%5B%5D=facets.brand%255B%255D%3DKamaSutra
  24. From ₹199 https://www.tatacliq.com/womens-clothing-ethnic-wear-kurtis-kurtas/c-msh1012100?q=:price-asc:inStockFlag:true:category:MSH1012100 Up to 81 % off https://www.tatacliq.com/womens-clothing-ethnic-wear-kurtis-kurtas/c-msh1012100?q=:isDiscountedPrice:inStockFlag:true:category:MSH1012100 Popular Brands https://www.tatacliq.com/womens-clothing-ethnic-wear-kurtis-kurtas/c-msh1012100?q=:price-asc:inStockFlag:true:isLuxuryProduct:false:brand:MBH11B10522:brand:MBH11A00014:brand:MBH11A00005:brand:MBH11A00002:brand:MBH11A00023:brand:MBH11B11817:brand:MBH11B10176:brand:MBH11A00001:brand:MBH11A00348:brand:MBH11B10365:brand:MBH11A00550:brand:MBH11A00371:brand:MBH11A00367:brand:MBH11B10741:brand:MBH11B10519:brand:MBH11B11108:brand:MBH11A00041:category:MSH1012100:brand:MBH11B10522:brand:MBH11A00014:brand:MBH11A00005:brand:MBH11A00002:brand:MBH11A00023:brand:MBH11B11817:brand:MBH11B10176:brand:MBH11A00001:brand:MBH11A00348:brand:MBH11B10365:brand:MBH11A00550:brand:MBH11A00371:brand:MBH11A00367:brand:MBH11B10741:brand:MBH11B10519:brand:MBH11B11108:brand:MBH11A00041:brand:MBH11B10520 https://www.tatacliq.com/womens-clothing-ethnic-wear-kurtis-kurtas/c-msh1012100/page-1?q=:relevance:inStockFlag:true:isLuxuryProduct:false:inStockFlag:true:brand:MBH11A00006:brand:MBH11A00550:brand:MBH11A00006:brand:MBH11A00550:category:MSH1012100:brand:MBH11A00006:brand:MBH11A00550:category:MSH1012100:brand:MBH11A00006:brand:MBH11A00550:brand:MBH11A00041 View deal - Kurta from ₹199 | up to 81 % off | Extra Bank discounts | Free shipping !!!
  25. https://www.flipkart.com/park-avenue-body-fragrance-marcus-150-ml-pack-2-deodorant-spray-men-women/p/itm9a8b138386825?pid=DEOFZBR8Y2DPNDMM&lid=LSTDEOFZBR8Y2DPNDMMKF6DCU View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/park-avenue-body-fragrance-alexander-150-ml-pack-2-deodorant-spray-men-women/p/itme35e33dc26075?pid=DEOFZBR8YGE9AEZ2&lid=LSTDEOFZBR8YGE9AEZ2TSMU5I
  26. Buy More, Save MoreBuy worth ₹10-1000 save 10%; View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/denver-black-code-perfume-eau-de-parfum-60-ml/p/itmf3wj3gfkgxy3d?pid=PERFYQ3NNYEYYUKF&lid=LSTPERFYQ3NNYEYYUKF0LBCT4
  27. Maped CRAFT SCISSOR- 1 SCISSOR & 5 INTERCHANGABLE BLADE SET Scissors (Set of 6, Assorted) View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/maped-craft-scissor-1-scissor-5-interchangable-blade-set-scissors/p/itmf4p87ys9psuay?pid=SCIF4P87PDZF5GHG&lid=LSTSCIF4P87PDZF5GHGS6JQBJ
  28. PediaSure Cookies and Cream Nutrition Drink (400 g, Cookies and Cream Flavored) View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/pediasure-cookies-cream-nutrition-drink/p/itmf5y8pquqkdz9u?pid=ESRF3DZ2TTZRZAZM&lid=LSTESRF3DZ2TTZRZAZMRKYLXJ
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