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  3. Frequently Asked Questions What is the offer? * 5% instant discount on EMI transactions made using ICICI Bank Credit Cards and Debit Cards on Large Appliances. What is the offer duration? * Offer is applicable on from July 20th 2019 (00:00 Hours) to July 21st 2019 (23:59 Hours) . What other conditions should apply to avail the offer? * Minimum cart value: INR 14,999 * Maximum discount per card: INR 1,000 How do I check if a product is eligible? * Offer is applicable across products in Large Appliances only. Please check if the offer is listed on the product page, before making the purchase. Is the offer applicable on all ICICI Credit Card and Debit Card Transactions? * No, offer is only applicable on EMI transactions made using ICICI Bank Credit Cards & Debit Cards (for customers eligible for Debit/Credit Card EMI). Offer is not applicable on ICICI Bank EMI Card, Corporate Card. Only a select base of pre approved customers will be eligible for this offer on ICICI Bank Debit/ Credit Card. These customers will be able to view the offer on their payment page. No other customers will be able to avail of this offer. Will I get the offer if I pay through Flipkart Gift Card partially? * Yes, you can avail the offer. In this case, offer will apply only if the amount paid through EMI transactions against the eligible product(s) is equal to or more than INR 14,999 How many times can this offer be availed? * There is no limit on number of transactions. However, you can avail upto a maximum discount of INR 1000 per card. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Preliminary 1. This marketing program is being run by ICICI Bank (ICICI Bank / Bank) on www.flipkart.com, Flipkart mobile app and Flipkart mobile site (collectively Platform), which Platform is owned and operated by Flipkart Internet Private Limited (Flipkart, We or Our). It is open to all residents of India holding a valid and current ICICI Bank Credit Card or eligible ICICI Bank Debit Card (Cardholder and Card). 2. By participating in the Offer (defined below), Cardholder(s) agree to be bound by: a. these terms and conditions (T&C); b. the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other relevant documentation including any modifications, alterations or updates thereof, that are published on the Platform; and c. all applicable terms and conditions of ICICI Bank. Offer Details: 1. The Offer from July 20th, 2019 (00:00 Hours) to July 21st , 2019 (23:59 Hours) (Offer Period). 2.To avail the Offer, You must do/ fulfil the following: a. Age must be 18 years or above; b. Must have a valid account on the Platform and log into the same. c. Purchase an eligible product. 3.Offer will apply only if the amount paid through ICICI Bank Credit Cards or Debit Cards against the eligible product(s) is equal to or more than Rs 14,999 i.e. the total value of only the eligible product/s in the cart after all applicable discounts and exchange offer redemptions. Offer will apply on select products, Please check if the offer is listed on the product page before making the purchase. 4. The Offer is only applicable on EMI transactions on ICICI Bank retail Credit Cards and ICICI Bank Debit Cards. Only a select base of pre-approved customers will be eligible for this offer on ICICI Bank Debit card. These customers will be able to view the offer on their payment page. No other customers will be able to avail of this offer. 5.Offer is not applicable on ICICI Bank EMI Card, Corporate Card, Business Card and ICICI Bank-American Express card. Detailed Terms and Conditions 1. Void Transaction shall mean any transaction wherein the transaction has taken place but has been cancelled /rejected /unsuccessful by ICICI Bank 2. This Offer is not applicable on transactions made through Internet Banking. 3. The Offer is not applicable on Card-on-delivery transactions. 5. The Offer cannot be combined with any other ICICI Bank offer and cannot be transferred or assigned to any other person/Cardholder. 6 The Offer is only applicable in India and transactions done in INR currency. 7 Participation in the Offer by the Cardholders is on a voluntary basis and the Offer is being made purely on a best effort basis. 8 All services offered are at the sole discretion of ICICI Bank. 9 ICICI Bank or Flipkart reserves the right to modify/change all or any of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. ICICI Bank or Flipkart also reserves the right to discontinue the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. 10. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, ICICI Bank reserves the right at any time at its absolute discretion without prior notice to vary, withdraw, cancel, or the Offer without having to give a reason thereof, and without compensation whatsoever. Further, ICICI Bank has the discretion to reject any claim in the event of irregularity, discrepancy, or dispute, and its decision shall be final, conclusive and binding. 11. All claims against ICICI Bank, if any, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts/tribunals of Mumbai. 12. ICICI Bank reserves the right to disqualify the Offer or Customer/s/Cardholder(s) from the benefits of the Offer if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the Offer. 13. The Offer is not available wherever prohibited and / or on Products / Services for which such offers cannot be made available for any reason whatsoever. 14. Any query regarding the program will be entertained until 10th August 2019. Post such date, Flipkart or the Bank will not entertain any correspondence or communication regarding this Offer from any persons 15. All liability with respect to the products purchased lies with the respective seller and neither Flipkart nor the Bank shall be in any way responsible for the same. 16. Delinquent and over-limit Cardholders will not qualify for this Offer. 17. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment by Bank to conduct further, similar or other Offers. 18. The above Offer is by way of a special offer for Bank Cardholders only and nothing contained herein shall prejudice or affect the terms and conditions of the card member agreement. The terms of the above schemes shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the terms contained in the card member agreement. 19. Pictures of products shown in the communication sent to the customer either through mailers or advertised on the Platform, are representative only and may not bear a resemblance to the actual products. None of the parties shall under any circumstances be responsible towards the same. 20. Products under this Offer are subject to availability from the respective participating merchants/sellers of Flipkart and accordingly Bank or Flipkart in no circumstances shall be liable for non-availability of any of the products. 21. Under no circumstance will the Offer/ Offer benefits be settled in cash by Bank, Flipkart or seller. 22. Disputed or unauthorized/fraudulent transactions will not be considered for the Offer. 23. Flipkart or the sellers shall not be liable for any failure by Bank to honor the transaction and for any technical issues as a result of which the transaction made by the Cardholder was not successful. Bank shall indemnify and hold Flipkart and seller harmless against any claims by the Cardholder for unsuccessful completion of the transaction. Further, Bank shall solely be liable to the Cardholder for wrongful remittance of the amounts by it, without any reference to Flipkart. 24. The Cardholder shall indemnify and hold Flipkart, Bank and seller harmless against all damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, claims, suits and proceedings (including reasonable attorney fee) that may be suffered by such sellers as a consequence of (i) violation of these terms and conditions, of the terms of user agreement, privacy policy (subject to change) as mentioned on the Platform; (ii) violation of applicable laws; and (iii) any action or inaction resulting in willful misconduct or negligence on the part of the customer. 25. All government Levies like Sales Tax, TDS, any Local Tax, Octroi etc., shall be payable by the Cardholder as applicable at the time the respective Programs were offered. 26. This Offer shall be subject to all applicable laws, rules and regulations which are in existence and which may be promulgated anytime by any statutory authority. 27. This Offer is valid only in India. The minimum age of such Cardholder must be 18 years. 28. Further, as required by applicable law, in the event that the Cardholder makes a purchase of an amount equal to or above Rs. 2 00 000.00, the Cardholder will be required to upload a scanned copy of his/her PAN card on the Platform, within 4 days of making the purchase, failing which, the purchase made by the Cardholder will be cancelled. The requirement to submit the PAN card arises only once and if it has been submitted once by the Cardholder, it need not be submitted again. The order of the Cardholder will be cancelled if there is a discrepancy between the name of the Cardholder and the name on the PAN Card. 29. This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000, and the Rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. 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  12. The Offer valid only on the listed Sizes & Colours of the products featured on the page. To use the offer, apply coupon received on your email id registered for the event. Please check the spam folder just in case the coupon code email got delivered there instead of your inbox.  The offer begins at 3:00:00 PM IST on 23rd July 2019 The First 500 Customers to apply the coupon successfully will be eligible for the 100% Off. Orders placed after First 500 Orders will get 60% OFF till midnight.Only successful orders will avail the benefits of the offer. The discounts will get applied on the MRP and the Maximum Discount will be Rs. 1500. Shipping Charges will be applicable as per standard website policy. To place an order on FirstCry.com the Minimum Order Value has to be more than Rs. 249 (Excluding COD charges, Shipping charges, Taxes or value reduced after application of coupons or any other offer). Orders delayed due to internet failure, payment gateway, bank delays or any other reason will not be qualified for the 100% Discount Offer and the decision of FirstCry.com shall remain final in the matter. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior intimation. Offer valid on pre-paid orders only. This Offer is valid for all Payment Methods : Credit Cards, ATM/Debit Cards, NetBanking, PayPal & Wallets. GST Extra on discounted price. Standard website Terms & Conditions Apply. View deal - https://www.firstcry.com/free-at-three
  13. Combo OfferBuy 3 items save 10%; Buy 4 or more save 15% Wildcraft https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Shirts%2C+Tops+%26+Tunics&sort=price_asc&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DWildcraft Flying Machine https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DFlying%2BMachine&sort=price_asc GAP https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DGAP&sort=price_asc Kolkata Knight Riders https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DKolkata%2BKnight%2BRiders FIFA https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DFIFA&sort=price_asc Denizen https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DDenizen&sort=price_asc&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.discount_range_v1%5B%5D%3D50%25%2Bor%2BMore Jockey https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DJockey&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.discount_range_v1%5B%5D%3D20%25%2Bor%2BMore Van Heusen https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Shirts%2C+Tops+%26+Tunics&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DVan%2BHeusen&sort=price_asc&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.discount_range_v1%5B%5D%3D50%25%2Bor%2BMore Vero Moda https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DVero%2BModa&sort=price_asc Wrangler https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&p[]=facets.serviceability[]%3Dtrue&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DWrangler&sort=price_asc View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/womens-clothing/western-wear/shirts-tops-tunics/pr?sid=2oq%2Cc1r%2Cha6%2Ccck&marketplace=FLIPKART&sort=price_asc&p%5B%5D=facets.fulfilled_by%255B%255D%3DFlipkart%2BAssured&p%5B%5D=facets.serviceability%5B%5D%3Dtrue&p%5B%5D=facets.discount_range_v1%255B%255D%3D50%2525%2Bor%2BMore
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  17. Save Extra with 4 offers Cashback (3): Get ₹15 cashback on placing an order to a pickup point. Cashback will be credited to your Amazon Pay wallet after order is shipped. Not valid on POD (Pay on Delivery) orders. Here's how 50% up to Rs.150 back using Amazon Pay UPI. For Android App customers only. Valid once during offer period. Cashback within 5 days. Set up Amazon Pay UPI Here's how Get GST invoice and save up to 28% on business purchases. Sign up for free Here's how No Cost EMI: No cost EMI available on Amazon Pay ICICI credit card on orders above Rs.3000 Here's how Bank Offer: Get 1500 Instant Discount on ICICI bank Credit and Debit EMI transactions Here's how Partner Offers (1): Avail EMI on Debit Cards. Get credit up to ₹1,00,000. Check your eligibility here! Here's how View deal - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07SJR5B7X
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  19. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What is the offer? Get 5% instant bank discount on ICICI bank Credit Card EMI and 10% instant bank discount on Debit Card EMI, on purchase of select products from July 18, 2019 to July 22, 2019. Please check Product Page to confirm the offer eligibility. 2. How can I avail this offer? Just go through the normal purchase shopping process. On the payment page, please select your saved ICICI bank Credit Card/Debit Card and check whether the transaction is eligible for EMI or not. If yes, please select the desired tenure and proceed. Check product page first to confirm if product is eligible for the instant bank discount on EMI. 3. What is the minimum transaction size for the instant discount? The minimum transaction amount to avail discount is Rs. 8000. 4. What is the maximum discount that I can avail? The maximum discount per card across Amazon.in Site and App is Rs. 1500. 5. What if I cancel/return the product? Offer is not applicable if the order is cancelled, or product is returned. 6. Can I avail discount on card payment for cash on delivery order? Are net Banking transactions also included in this Offer? Net Banking and Card Payment on COD transactions are NOT included in this Offer. 7. Can I get this offer even with Exchange? Yes, you can avail this offer even if the transaction involves exchange of an old product but the transaction value after exchange should be greater than Rs. 8000. 8. My payment failed while placing the order, will I be eligible for the discount? If your payment failed while placing the order, Amazon.in gives you an option to revise your payment. If you revise your payment within the offer duration, you will be able to get the discount. Terms & Conditions This offer ("Offer") is provided by ICICI Bank ("Bank") facilitated by Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited, and made available on www.amazon.in, the mobile application and mobile site thereof (collectively "Amazon.in") by Amazon Seller Services Private Limited. (Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited and Amazon Seller Services Private Limited collectively referred to as "Amazon"). These Offer terms and conditions ("Offer Terms") are in addition to Amazon.in Conditions of Use & Sale and Privacy Notice to which you agree to by using Amazon.in. In the event of any conflict between the Conditions of Use & Sale and these Offer Terms, these Offer Terms will prevail, only for the purposes of this Offer. All residents of India holding a valid and current credit and debit card issued by the Bank ("Card") are eligible to avail the Offer ("Cardholder"). This Offer is valid from July 18, 2019 to July 22, 2019 ("Offer Period"), or until stocks of the Products (defined below) made available by the sellers on Amazon.in last, whichever is earlier, unless revoked or extended by Amazon (in its sole discretion) or revoked by the Bank, without any prior notice and without liability. Under this Offer, any Cardholder who, during the Offer Period, makes a transaction of INR 8000 or above using his/her ICICI Bank Credit/Debit Card ("Card"), on www.amazon.in or the mobile application/ mobile site thereof (collectively, "Amazon.in"), irrespective of the number of transactions (“Offer”), and makes the payment of the purchase transaction (of the Product) using the Card(issued by the Bank), and by availing the equated monthly installments (EMI) facility, will be entitled to receive an instant discount of 5% (five percent) on credit card EMI and 10% (ten percent) on debit card EMI of the list price of the Product (as determined by the relevant seller). Cardholders need to check the offer eligibility on the Product Page. Each Cardholder can avail a maximum discount of INR 1,500 (Indian Rupees one thousand five hundred only) per Card under this Offer, irrespective of number of purchases during the Offer Period. The Offer is valid on multiple purchase transactions for the Products during the Offer Period, subject to a minimum transaction amount of INR 8,000 (Rupees Eight thousand only) for each such transaction made by the Cardholder. This Offer will also be applicable on purchase of Products by Cardholders under an exchange offer (if available on the Product(s)). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the discount amount of 5% (five percent) on credit EMI and 10% (ten percent) on debit EMI will be provided to Cardholders under this Offer on the net value paid on such transaction i.e. the price paid by Cardholders after the exchange offer has been availed, provided such value should be a minimum of INR 8,000. The discount amount provided to eligible Cardholders under this Offer is being funded by the Bank, to the total exclusion of Amazon. This Offer will not be applicable if the Cardholder or the seller or Amazon cancel the order and/or the Cardholder returns the Product and, in such a case, participation in the Offer will be deemed withdrawn. In such a scenario, only the net amount paid by the Cardholder will be refunded. Bank and/or Amazon do not endorse any of the products or brands being offered on Amazon.in and will not accept any liability pertaining to the quality, merchantability, fitness, delivery or after sales service of such products. The Bank reserves the right to disqualify Cardholders from the benefits of the Offer if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the said Offer or otherwise by use of the Card. Amazon reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary any or all of these Offer Terms or to replace, wholly or in part, this Offer by another offer, whether similar to this Offer or not. Delinquent and over-limit Bank's credit card members will not qualify for this Offer. Cardholders are not bound in any way to participate in this Offer. Any such participation is purely voluntary. The Offer is being made purely on a best effort basis. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment by the Bank or Amazon to conduct further, similar or other offers. The above Offer is by way of a special offer and nothing contained herein shall prejudice or affect the terms and conditions of the card member agreement. The terms of the above schemes shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the terms contained in the card member agreement. All disputes between Cardholders and Bank will be resolved inter se, and Amazon will not (nor will be liable or obliged to) mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between Cardholders and Bank. This Offer is not valid on corporate, commercial, EMI or credit Cards issued by the Bank. This Offer is not available on: (i) purchase of Product using a card other than the Card(s), or (ii) purchase of Product using the Card, but not using the EMI facility. Notwithstanding anything contained in these Offer Terms, this Offer is not applicable on the purchase of the following products: • Gift Card(s) (Amazon branded and Non Amazon branded) • OPPO Mobiles • Prepaid phone recharges, DTH recharges, Bill Payments • Kindle e-books and Kindle Unlimited Subscription Program • Amazon Pay balance loading • Amazon Prime subscription • Infant Nutrition products • Select Samsung phones (see product page for offer eligibility) • Godrej Interio products • Precious jewelry including Gold Coins Under no circumstance will benefit being offered under this Offer be settled with cash in lieu by Bank or by Amazon. By participating in this Offer, every Cardholder expressly agrees that Amazon or any of its affiliates will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that a Cardholder may suffer, directly or indirectly, in connection with this Offer including but not limited to that associated with his/ her use or delivery or misuse of the Product. These Offer Terms are governed by the laws of India and the courts at New Delhi will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes in relation to these Offer Terms. Any person availing this Offer will be deemed to have accepted these Offer Terms. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/b/ref=mh_s9_acss_cg_EMILP_1a1_w?node=15326418031
  20. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/b?node=16393362031&pf_rd_p=e6e3ee90-e277-49b5-be73-7156f67ba8ad&pf_rd_r=BJVBDYXVK8T99P5T2MFZ
  21. Flat 20% Off on Pink Dress - Madame View deal - https://www.glamly.com/product/madame-pink-dress/2725
  22. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Pigeon-Basics-Aluminium-Nonstick-Cookware/dp/B07DR77G6N
  23. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B078T61HDJ
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