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  1. (88% Off) Huggies Ultra Soft Diaper - XS ( 22 Pieces ) For Rs. 99 @69% Off MRP Rs. 315 https://www.flipkart.com/huggies-ultra-soft-diaper-xs/p/itmez8g4t4ww4yjz?pid=DPRESAYFGHKYEZHG Highlights 0 - 6 Months Type: Adhesive Band Size: XS Compatible Baby Weight: 0 kg - 5 kg
  2. Loot:- 3 sarees just 291₹

    there one more brand option in my link 1st Gjkheni Sarees 2nd Googlee Sarees fp only Googlee Sarees
  3. Loot:- 3 sarees just 291₹

    Loot:- 3 sarees just 291₹ Loot saree @97rs Make cart 3 And Check price # options from 1.Any of 1st two https://www.flipkart.com/sarees/gjkheni~brand/pr?count=40&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_GJKheni+Sarees&p[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=2oq%2Fc1r%2F3pj%2F7od 2. Any of 1st fours https://www.flipkart.com/sarees/googlee~brand/pr?count=40&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_googlee+Sarees&p[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=2oq%2Fc1r%2F3pj%2F7od
  4. Mitashi 145 L Direct Cool Double Door Refrigerator (Silver, MiRFDDS145V15)@Rs.11490 https://www.flipkart.com/mitashi-145-l-direct-cool-double-door-refrigerator/p/itmeyenpnesjjvhg Highlights 145 L Rotary 3 Star : For Energy savings up to 35% Direct Cool : Economical, consumes less electricity, requires manual defrosting Recommended to purchase a separate voltage stabilizer
  5. F&D F203G Portable Laptop/Desktop Speaker (2.1 Channel) For Rs. 999 @44% Off MRP Rs. 1790 https://www.flipkart.com/f-d-f203g-portable-laptop-desktop-speaker/p/itmdfzesnzgg98bp?lid=LSTACCDFZEJ6ZGSWRMKHLH1VJ Highlights Power Output: 4 W (Satellite), 7 W (Subwoofer) Power Source: P/W Adapter Connectivity : Wired Simplistic Wireless streaming of music High definiton sound available Plug and Play USB card reader attached Multi functional panel keys enable you to change volume, play/pause button Massive 65W output power speaker 25 W subwoofer for maximum bass output and loud volume Best in value in Home Entertainment
  6. Provogue Men Black Genuine Leather Wallet at Rs.99 https://www.flipkart.com/bags-wallets-belts/wallets-clutches/wallets/provogue~brand/pr?count=40&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Provogue+Wallets&p[]=facets.fulfilled_by%5B%5D%3DFlipkart%2BAssured&sid=reh%2Fcca%2Fh76
  7. IWS Doormat Pack Of 3 For Rs. 99 @83% Off MRP Rs. 599 https://www.flipkart.com/home-furnishing/floor-coverings/pr?count=40&p[]=facets.brand%5B%5D%3DIWS&p[]=facets.discount_range_v1%5B%5D%3D50%25%2Bor%2BMore&p[]=facets.fulfilled_by%5B%5D%3DFlipkart%2BAssured&sid=vdm%2Fl9m
  8. One Indian Girl Book Price ₹[email protected] 82% Off Special Price ₹30 ₹176 82% off https://www.flipkart.com/one-indian-girl/p/itmezunpm6dxccxk Highlights Language: English Binding: Paperback Publisher: RUPA ISBN: 9788129142146, 8129142147 Edition: 1, 2016 Pages: 280
  9. Sarees from ₹190 min 88% off

    Sarees from ₹190 min 88% off https://www.flipkart.com/sarees/pr?count=40&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Sarees&p[]=facets.fulfilled_by%5B%5D%3DFlipkart%2BAssured&p[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=2oq%2Fc1r%2F3pj%2F7od
  10. Swarn Y- Back Suspenders for Men, Boys, Women, Girls @97% +sh https://www.flipkart.com/bags-wallets-belts/suspenders/swarn~brand/pr?count=40&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Swarn+Suspenders&p[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=reh%2Fp0y
  11. Winsome Deal Self Design Protective Men's Gloves @97% off https://www.flipkart.com/clothing/pr?count=40&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Clothing&p[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=2oq
  12. Home Decorations PVC Wall Papers at Flat 92% Off for Rs.109 [MRP Rs.1499] Height 500cm (16 Feet Long) https://www.flipkart.com/home-decor/wall-decor-clocks/wall-decals-stickers/woltop~brand/pr?count=40&p[]=facets.fulfilled_by%5B%5D%3DFlipkart%2BAssured&sid=1m7%2Fatt%2Fwrz
  13. [Steal deal] Flat 80% OFF On Engineering Books https://www.flipkart.com/books/educational-and-professional-books/academic-texts-books/engineering-books/pr?count=40&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Engineering+Books&p[]=facets.fulfilled_by%5B%5D%3DFlipkart%2BAssured&p[]=facets.discount_range_v1%5B%5D%3DMore%2Bthan%2B60%25&p[]=sort%3Dprice_asc&sid=bks%2Fenp%2Fq2s%2F2ip
  14. Amazon app Treasure hunt beauty products 2-6 pm

    App only contest DETAILS OF THE PROMOTION AND HOW TO ENTER: 1. This Promotion will be available beginning 2:00 pm and ending 6:00 pm on 15th December 2017 (the “Promotion Period”). 2. During the Promotion Period, at an interval of every 15 minutes commencing from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. of such day, Amazon will be displaying a clue to a product listed on the App (such product hereinafter referred to as “Product”) on the Promotion page of the App. 3. To participate in this Promotion, a participant is required to: (a) identify and search for the Product associated with the particular clue; and (b) visit the product detail page of such Product displayed on the App. 4. Participants who identify the Product and visit the product detail page of the Product in accordance with the above Section 3, will be able to purchase the Product at a price of INR 0 i.e. at no cost (until stocks for such Product available at the promotional rates last). 5. Each participant can purchase a Product once for each clue during the Promotion Period and cannot apply any other promotional code on an order for a Product made pursuant to this Promotion.