A massive Ransomware hit over 45,000 computers in at least 74 countries since Friday evening.
India also affected. Andhra Police Over 100 systems has been affected by this Virus called ransomware.Mainly Windows operating System was hit by the attack.
As per superintendent of police, Tirupati Urban, said: "the ‘ransomware’ encrypted data in some police stations, adding that they were not able to access data and hackers were demanding ransom in digital currency bitcoin to restore access."
Gulshan Rai, Director General of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), said: "We held an assessment meeting today and have found that 102 systems of Andhra Police have been infected with ransomware, particularly those using the Windows operating system."
This virus infects computer files, multimedia, office files, Important files that require properly functioning for the system and then demands bitcoins to unlock them.
It has struck targets from Russia's banks to British hospitals. As of now as per different Cyber attack response team said that this is the biggest cyber ransom attack ever.

Which way spread:

  • Effected email attachments.
  • Links on emails.
  • Also distributed by cracked version Softwares.


  • First encrypts importent files.
  • Second, take system admin control and demand amount to unlock.

Which way stay safe from Ransomware attack?

  • Don't click unknown email attachments or links.
  • If already downloaded cracked files scan with a Security system.
  • Install a paid antivirus/total security for better protection for your system.
  • Take the backup of all data regularly.