Cred Launches Peer-to-Peer Lending With User Funds - CRED Mint

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Our most loved app i.e Fintech platform CRED, on Friday, announced the launch of a new peer-to-peer lending feature called CRED Mint.

CRED Mint is the known platform’s first community-driven product that enables members to earn interest on idle money by lending to other high-trust members. The product is being launched in partnership with Liquiloans, an RBI-registered P2P NBFC.

The members who participate in CRED Mint can earn inflation-beating interest rates of up to 9 per cent per annum, CRED said in an official release.

The platform started out as a credit-card repayment platform, rewarding users with points for paying their credit card bills. It then expanded its offerings, including rent payments and personal loans.


How It Works?

Download CRED App Here

  1. Navigate to Account
  2. Click on Home
  3. Click on Cred Mint
  4. Click Apply Now or Get notified when slots available


What it is?

  • Investments made in CRED Mint will be lent out through CRED Cash, a lending product created for high-trust CRED members, in partnership with licensed banks and NBFCs.
  • Members have leveraged CRED Cash for emergency spends over the past year; with over ₹2,415 crore disbursed.
  • The invested money will be routed directly to an escrow account held by CRED’s NBFC partner, Liquiloans, and diversified across 200+ borrowers on average, it further explained.
  • Members can invest between ₹1,00,000 – ₹10,00,000, commission-free.
  • They can request withdrawal in one click, partially or in full at any time with no penalty, and earn interest for the period invested. The withdrawal process will completely be online, and the money with interest will be returned to the investor within a working day.


Disclaimer: Investment are subjects to risk, take your own call before investing in any platform.

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