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  1. How is he racist?. Even though our country is not rich, he shouldn't have said that. That's not the way you do business.
  2. Not that useful as i need amazon balance more than 1000.
  3. I Need Amazon gift voucher/card for at least 10% discount, please message me if anyone can sell me those.
  4. @SANDY Thanks for giveaway, and please help me if anyone can provide amazon gift voucher at discount.
  5. Just normal research. Always wondered how people use electricity & check whether my electricity provider is the only one who is robbing me of my wallet.
  6. Discuss the monthly electricity bill that you get with details like: Electricity provider, power units consumed, total bill, appliance used.
  7. Reason for my concern is Erucic acid, Extraction process from rapeseed, GMO seeds & Lack of research as it's comparatively new veg. oil in the market. Their is both positive and negative press around it but fact is that research work is still needed for it's long term effect for any time of new edible product. No need to get in arms about it. Just an opinion
  8. Canola Oil is worse amongst vegetable oils. It's steal deal but not good for Health.
  9. congrats. I wonder why i miss all the awesome deals even though i check IFS too often with notification enable.
  10. If anyone have extra vouchers, please PM me.
  11. I am reminding them on twitter till now but will also try FB. Thanks for suggestion
  12. So guys, What should i do now? Their resolution time frame can go as far as 30 days as per their policy, i have read it somewhere on their site( correct me if i am wrong) BUT WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW?
  13. Regarding suspicious activity, they are not wrong as they might be tracking devices used for accessing account for long periods & banning them at random, But I Agree with you with regards to trust on paytm over freecharge. Every time i avail offer on freecharge, it feels as if i am participating in flash sale
  14. I order via Mcdelivery & i am eligible as per T & C of offer but they are just delaying the resolution with robotic answers like," Our team is looking into it" ,"We will resolve it at earliest."Sorry for the delay"....blah blah blah......
  15. Recently i ordered from mcdonalds under freecharge cashback offer for which i paid 83 rupees for 1st time via freecharge which mentioned that i will receive 75/- cashback but haven't received so. Now i complained them on twitter & all i got was empty promises. So my question is - How do i make them pay my cashback on time? It's been 3 days but they are giving empty promises which i pointed them out but no reply from them afterwards. Any HELP appreciated.
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