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  1. hye , i need amazon gv of more than 250rs...to 1000rs....pm me with ur offer.
  2. my last 3 hike gvs: RU91C-BQEGG-9FNH3 SJLHI-NNDHE-1TOGD SLQFR-2DVTU-F8CDO now plz dont pm me bhaiyo ..sab de diya .abh or gvs nhi h...
  3. wait giving my last 3 codes also.....kya kru yaar sab unused he the ...but post ke kuch mins me he sab used ho gaye
  4. hye ifs members....some ppl r asking 10 rs , some asking 8rs ...for amazon hike gvs....i m giving unused gvs to u all free.... here they r...use it bros hike gvs: QQ06J-VIV5P-8E53I QPIJV-MJUN3-NVM0A QP7DM-6FB3U-7K40Q QOIBU-2PB03-M69TL QO74V-LCSRK-BAQ4O QGSGI-4T783-M4M8S QGMU4-A0L1F-6I87V QGGGN-REQ0U-R1TBA QG9FC-5EM1J-84851 QG4L7-27A9U-MVF4U QFQU7-2GM3S-3HR6G QFINE-E484U-OHQ15 QF0HR-N5L8I-3FMNJ LV9QH-GDGQT-NRD5K LLV9D-E07HT-KDCGR LH48R-P00NC-ODIE4 L3B6H-BICSH-OORJP KKJ5E-AJS7V-K52SA D9JND-0VSTE-A4RFN D4ESD-OB9AT-OEC6R CT7SI-O6JQH-UQ4II CLJJH-BQ8F5-1LMA4 ACE1Q-0QC3J-U7C6O 9OE6G-1NFFP-MFSKT 92RBA-CAAK0-6IP9N 8OP9O-B8M3G-DQ3BH 88SAF-5Q446-OADGI 80FQ9-JN1JA-EE6IV 7O401-1J1RP-VMQ2I 7EARI-ACRHF-TEC7O 6UGJ5-TEI04-627DD 6LH80-KEKVI-OVRG9 6A400-6ISEG-KPH3E 5QPA5-MEPPR-7T17P 457GS-U32R2-1MLBR 2MUSJ-DT99L-RV0GN 1MAAA-0T58F-M7MVO enjoy 50rs in ur new account
  5. hye...i m selling all 40 amazon hike gvs for just 75 rs paytm/freecharge/mobikwik . pm me
  6. me selling 40 hike gvs for just 75 paytm/ freecharge...pm me if anyone wants
  7. Rahul bro....thanx for a trusted nd gud deal....
  8. i need hike amazon gvs in bulk....pm me
  9. bhai plz online to aao...reply me i want to buy hike gvs
  10. sorry bro...i hv no idea..abt that....will not repeat it in future...
  11. i want to buy hike gvs in bulk @ 8rs per gv....pm me or for fast reply whatsapp/miscall me on
  12. Bro...pm me...i want ucb, ccd... Pm me bro....need urgent
  13. Bro plz check pm....i m amazon regular buyer who buy stuffs for family...
  14. Bro i need this trick.....plz plz plz bro....i usualy buy stuffs frm amazon...nd hv to pay shipping charges....plz tell me abt this trick.
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