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  1. I think you exhausted the total stock and hence we didnt get even one. LOL Congo anyways bro...
  2. 9890551500 & 9890251271 ..Thank you in advance bro.
  3. Even when I place order for 2 it gives Warning: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!
  4. Requesting for a Ebay discount coupon. if anybody has and does not need it please pm me..Thanx in advance
  5. Congo !!! I also get Photoframe & jewellery box along with other Dove samples.one for mother one for wife . They are happy.
  6. I have recharged for Rs. 40/- with the coupon on PAYTM mobile app only, Paytm has recharged for the same and have send message that they will credit 25% cash back as Paytm credits. (hence 40*25%=10 so 40+10=Rs. 50)
  7. I think they will send slowly but definitely..hope the postman does not do the killing... LOL
  8. Have formed a group name "We chat 150". from today stickers to be sent...
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