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  1. Shopping Online is very good experience for me , we can purchase required commodity without even going to shops . And India free Stuff is helping me to purchase things at vey Discounted Rate . i love IFS .
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  3. 1) india 2) australia 3) arctic ocean 4) monday 5) 7 swans 6) Never Give up after failure . 7) Ugadi is celebrated as New Year's Day in Karnataka and Andhra pradesh and Baishakhi in north india . 8) Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival is an East Asian New Year. An alternative name for Chinese New Year's Day means literally "The first day of the (great) year".. 9) 1st june 2011 10) Canada
  4. Try or trade is a good website for ordering free samples so that we can try a product before actually buying it. TryOrTrade.com is a very good working site that offers samples for unique herbal products in health & beauty range. But having some drawback as well , which need to resolve like they are charging for delivery either they should remove it or they can allow user to add multiple no of same items .
  5. 1. Maa Kalaratri – 7th Navdurga Worshiped 2. Jammu and Kashmir 3. Victory of Durga mata over Mahishasura and also another significance is Victory of Rama over Ravan so overall it is victory of truth over evil . 4. Elephant ,( Jumbo Savari) 5. Skanda Mata 6. Karnataka (Mysore dasara) 7. MATA SHAILAPUTRI 8. BANNI TREE 9. TOP OF CHAMUNDA HILLS (Near MYSORE )
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