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  1. Vwash 10wipes free sample. Steps: 1. Like vwash Fb page 2. share the image https://m.facebook.com/VWomanIndia/photos/a.465908890209748.1073741828.464937530306884/708804085920226/?type=3&source=46&refid=17 3. Message your name and address
  2. visit here: http://bit.ly/VichyContestForm 1. fill the form 2. get vichy free samples. 3. After receiving the samples, submit a review to further win products worth 7000 or just enjoy free samples. source: https://m.facebook.com/vichyindia/photos/a.132579376816361.32720.129798637094435/929132747161016/?type=1&source=46&refid=17
  3. Get free sample of neutrogena rainbath [29ml] worth Rs. 60 http://neutrogena.govasool.com/index.php/home/sample
  4. Get free sample of neutrogena rainbath [29ml] worth Rs. 60 http://neutrogena.govasool.com/index.php/home/sample
  5. ‪#‎ NewDelhi‬are you ready for the awesomeness coming your way? Drop by anytime on 5th April at Fateh Nagar, Jail Road, New Delhi and GET FREE DONUTS FOR A MONTH! https://m.facebook.com/dunkinindia/photos/a.290266304393439.72494.285364301550306/627369460683120/?type=1&refid=8&_ft_=qid.5998011547990197501%3Amf_story_key.2276748206060379056
  6. I had mixed experience with online shopping.. Good as well as bad.. Online shopping is the best when you don't have the reach to the product in local market. Good.. I ordered some cosmetics from flipkart and I was amazed with the delivery in less than 24 hours. All products were original. Bad.. With shopclues, ordered 1 kajal which took around a week to deliver. And then I found it was a duplicate. Though they'd refunded my money but still I won't shop again with them.
  7. Hoppin' to the new store in Basant Lok Market (Priya Complex), Vasant Vihar, New Delhi on 8th Feb and GET FREE DDonuts for a MONTH! Source: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=598005173619549&id=285364301550306&set=a.290266304393439.72494.285364301550306&refid=28&_ft_=qid.5977161551936923637%3Amf_story_key.-4269131402638369818
  8. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=499016110196969&id=282359185195997&set=a.298749543556961.63374.282359185195997&refid=28&_ft_=qid.5949052893114033681%3Amf_story_key.-9055614895119536180 If you're in Pune then don't forget to stop by Farmers' & Grocers' between 4:00 & 8:00 pm to try some delicious Nilon's Gulab Jamun. It's free!
  9. I ordered this one but after 2 weeks they have cancelled my order without any order
  10. get your eyes test free on all vision express outlets... schedule your appointment today on http://bit.ly/FreeEyeTest
  11. Call on 18001028882 toll free number. and follow steps on IVR they will contact you after 72 hours if you get. time - 24 June to 31 July2013
  12. Thanx.. I will mail them but I don't think anything would happen. when they are selling duplicate products then what Will their support team will do..?
  13. I have ordered lakme eyeconic kajal from shopclues. and it is a duplicate one as it is not at all smudge free, 10hrs are far.. it doesn't stay in eyes for an hour. very disappointed with shopclues. IT IS NOT AT ALL ORIGINAL.. SURELY A DUPLICATE. BEWARE PURCHASING THESE THINGS.
  14. Yr me search krti hu search mei deal milti ni hai.. to post krti hu
  15. http://www.jeevansathi.com/profile/registration_new.php register and and get free premium membership ...worth rs. 1100
  16. http://www.dc-india.com/free_samples/free_samples.html Admin here is the Source page http://www.dc-india.com/free_samples/free_samples.html Admin here is the Source page
  17. Oh ok .. i posted because I don't found that in search
  18. I am not sure about this one. if its an old post plz Tell
  19. to get your sample kit Email your name, address, mobile number to [email protected] In Free Design Concepts Printed Samples Kit you will get variours type of paper , various types of papers , finisher ,stickers and many other things
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