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  1. I am a big on line i buyer. When ever i get any good offer or good product in good price then I buy it. And most of the time i get information from indiafreestuffs site. It is a superb site. I get almost any good sites promo code, offers, contests , and even free products too. It is a lovely exprience when i buy from online as i get my product with less effort, and with less price ... just sitting at home. If i get any damage product then it is easily can be send back to vender. I like online shopping concept. its great
  2. Last year Holi was one of the best experience what I had celebrated in my office. IN holi day our office was open. So we kept a good fun event.First we played Holi different colors among yourself. Then there was a surprise for everybody. We had a competition . The competition is about Face painting with different febric colors. There were 6/7 teams and each team has 5 members. And we have to decorate one member between us with the fabric color and with any decorative things. The best face painting will get award. In my team my colleagues choosed me for face painting. You can see the my face painting photo with the attachment. I am in blue color t-shirt (first from right) and fulll dangerous and scary looks. We had 1 hour time to decorate. My team member did good job. And we won the prize. And the worst part came after that.. When after the even I tried to wash my face 50% color did not remove as colors are dried up totally. After trying my level best I came to home with the same half decorative face. Funny part. Many people in the bus, on the road and even my neighbors saw me and laughed. I was feeling so shy. When I reached home and my 2 years baby saw me , she was so scared that she did not come to me for 2 days. ha ha ha..It was most special memorable day memorable day.... Youcan see the photo with the attachments.
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