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  1. Optimist


    Invalid voucher code!
  2. Optimist


    Lenskart having an offer that buy 2 premium glasses for 2500, can i get further discount? If yes how?
  3. Need Amazon GV of upto 10000, single or multiple @ 20% discount. If interested PM me.
  4. What they did was ethical you think !!!!!!!!!!! From our part it will be also a technical error---- "My mouse somehow comes alive and booked an order without me even knowing--What a technical glitch!"
  5. Simple thing to understand. Amazon usually comes up with fake offer, promo code. Each time they sends few product so they can fool again! Boycotting them don't seems good. What they did was not to fulfill orders and if customers start ordering on COD and then rejects those orders then they would surely get something-- "Tit 4 Tat"
  6. Quote your price here. GV only.
  7. I need a 5V 2A charger of good quality at cheapest price. I have searched a lot. Some of those which are cheaper has not rated output specified others are too costly. Kindly suggest if you have knowledge about it. Thanks
  8. Yes bro. But i don't like shopclues, the provide damaged and fake product.
  9. Where can i get it cheapest? Thanks.
  10. Bought strontium nitro from amazon. I don't like shopclues
  11. Not that fast. Sandisk/samsung etc will be good.
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