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  1. I have one winpin code ....pm me if u need it...
  2. Need a recharge of Rs.149.....please post your deep discounted offers..........
  3. The Shopping experience received from online purchase of items is superb, firstly no queues secondly great bargains discounts, thirdly jaw dropping deals which includes consumer goods ....Online recharge is also so better we get superb deals also coupons worth the recharge on many sites. one bitter experience is timtara.com where i lost my money . i still feel its better shopping online as most websites also accepts cash on delivery , 30
  4. 1. Maa Kalaratri – 7th Navdurga Worshiped 2. Jammu and Kashmir 3. Victory of Durga mata over Mahishasura (victory of truth over evil) 4. Elephant ,( Jumbo Savari) 5. Skanda Mata 6. Karnataka (Mysore dasara) 7. MATA SHAILAPUTRI 8. BANNI TREE 9. TOP OF CHAMUNDA HILLS , 13 KM FROM PALACE OF MYSORE
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