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  1. IFS readers :--->>>>> Share ur's any issues & any suggestion here ... This is the thread to be share any important suggestion about forum & regarding any issues ...we are heartly welcome to share here .....
  2. posted yesterday 12am and bumped today
  3. replied to you but didnt hear back
  4. You didn't mention coupon in your post
  5. redmi and purse we posted before you, for mi days given
  6. Many times posted at 899 in last 30 days Posted by @TeamIFS on 22nd May 00:32:00 Rs. 899 in superdeal Posted by Admin on 19th May 00:00:00 Rs. 899 in superdeal Posted by Admin on 7th May 00:00:00 Rs. 899 in superdeal Posted by Admin on 4th May 18:25:00 Rs. 899 in superdeal
  7. given for all except Wrong price https://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/368485-big-shopping-days-marq-by-flipkart-75-kg-fully-automatic-front-load-washing-machine-with-in-built-heater-white-mqflxi75-rs-15999/?tab=comments#comment-725893
  8. Huggies same price since 23rd April, for saffola already given
  9. 161 here https://www.flipkart.com/nivea-men-sensitive-cooling-shaving-foam/p/itmezj26cgrqktxy?pid=SHFEZJ22ZQPXGZFY&lid=LSTSHFEZJ22ZQPXGZFYUX
  10. Admin

    Saffola Total Blended Oil Can (1 L)

    price missing
  11. Given Summer sale repost, for rest given https://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/368236-amazon-summer-sale-4th-7th-may-10-instant-discount-with-sbi/?tab=comments#comment-725623
  12. coupon not added, anyway points given
  13. this posted on 19th April and again bumped on 21st and 23rd April Posted by @TeamIFS on 23rd Apr 00:30:00 Rs. 0 in superdeal Posted by Admin on 21st Apr 16:55:00 Rs. 0 in superdeal
  14. Posted on 11th April https://www.indiafreestuff.in/braun-bt3020-cordless-trimmer-for-men