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  1. he is trying to make jokes. the code is for 40 bucks. thanks
  2. hahah!! everyone can get 200 off on their first ride by simply applying a general code that is available on the OLA website itself without having the need to give you 25, TWENTY FIVE rs so that you can provide that person with a special code which is actually not even necessary.
  3. hey rambo. good point. why dont you go ahead and do that for yourself? you can manage to get only as many coupons as your have mobile numbers. hence, my asking price of 50 rs. anyway, since you made a point, 40 bucks and we have a deal. okay?
  4. same here. @ 50 each code 09401988089
  5. i have freecharge ola code to sell @ 50 each. whatsapp or call 09401988089
  6. In one line This website taught me online shopping starting nov 13. I make multiple purchases everyday. whereas, 1 year ago i knew nothing about this beautiful world thanks IFS cheers!
  7. sorry. and sorry OP and my offer stands. 3 accounts for 2000.
  8. i will buy all accounts for 1500. max 2000 and i OBVIOUSLY wont buy one for 2000 rupees nobody will. idiot
  9. my number is 09749999089 anyone make a group and add!
  10. Pls share contact numbers so that we can make groups and earn i dont have any friends on wechat to make a group with :D
  11. Just got an SMS from wechat Dear user, thanks for using WeChat. Now get Rs 60 free recharge, just send Stickers in a Group chat. Go to WeChat team account to know more http://www.wechat.com/en/ Minimum redemable balance is Rs. 20. Keep sending stickers in your group of friends to accumulate maximum recharge. You can redeem your accumulated balance between 4th Aug to 20th August 2014.
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