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  1. I wish you the same and happy holi to all ifs family members..
  2. hi,kindly go through this https://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/2-rules-and-regulation/
  3. chen

    Cheater Board

    oh man,sry to hear that,why don't you raise a charge back request by contacting ur bank by mentioning as a fraudalant activity? bank may take necessary action on @sajad_hussain too since mostly they have his aadhar details.
  4. yes,i will try n try until i die .
  5. i was registered for the same long ago,nothing received till date.anyways thnx for posting.
  6. sorry to hear that,i wonder how did you forgot to redeem 4k worth card with in time? how you forgot to set a reminder? frankly speaking mistake is from your side in this case.
  7. Congratulations,we appreciate your words and thnx for being a part of our ifs family.
  8. haha ,always i am,hope you follow rules from now onwards .keep rocking,all the best.
  9. hearty congratulations dude.You make me feel jealous man .
  10. ohooo,hearty congratulations to to you and it's our pleasure to have worthy people like you here .
  11. seems you won 100 rs mobile recharge not amazon 200 gc,btw contact admin here -> admin
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