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  1. https://www.flipkart.com/hp-imprint-15-be001tx-intel-core-i5-6th-gen-8-gb-1-tb-hdd-free-dos-2-gb-graphics-notebook-w6t28pa/p/itmej82g64um3ztp This costs 44k and it is much much better than the above laptop if you're looking out for HP. If you're not a brand freak, then PM me. I'll help you in selecting the best laptop.
  2. 40k for a September purchased D5300 18-140. Rarely used. Scratchless. All accessories available. Ping me.
  3. If Money is the concern, then Logitech obviously. If you're looking for quality then TVS Gold, Any damn day. The best keyboard !
  4. I'm one. Let me know if I can help. ☺
  5. Kidhar hai bhai ?? None of the links is working. Abhi abhi 2 purchase krna hai.
  6. Amazing Post !! I appreciate your effort for enlightening everyone Thanks !!
  7. 8 km ki ride to li h Maine. I usually go for free rides on UBER BLACK
  8. You can actually get 2 rides free on new sign up. First take a ride from referral code upto 250. Secondly, since you already have 200 in your PAYTM, book another ride and recharge your phone with paytm money. You can then dump the Uber ID. The second ride I always book from UBER BLACK, since I don't have to pay for it. Cheers.
  9. use GET25 or NET07 or MOB03 !! You'll get a discount around 20-25% on a minimum order of 300. Happy Pizza'h
  10. Private Bank Cards are ONLY accepted, like ICICI Debit, Citi Debit, etc. Other banks, like HDFC/SBI/PNB are not. Also, only Some of Credit Cards are accepted.
  11. Private Bank Cards are ONLY accepted, like ICICI Debit, Citi Debit, etc. Other banks, like HDFC/SBI/PNB are not. Also, only Some of Credit Cards are accepted. If you have any issues while creating the account, let me know. I have in depth knowledge of Paypal. There are chances that your funds go into hold for a period of 90 days, to accept you as a Verified Seller. (This happens sometimes, not always, if Paypal thinks you're doing something illegal or against their TnC's) Add your bank account, and make sure that you have net banking, else you'll have to ask the bank for last N transactions. 2 transactions of < INR 2 each will be deposited in your Bank, to verify account. They will have a 4 digit code, written besides *PAYPAL which you will have to submit in Paypal account. Once that's done, the limitation will be upheld and you'll be able to make transfers easily. Since you won't be making any Purchases, you won't need to add a Card. Although it would show you this message in the pending status, but you can simply ignore that. Whatsapp me if you get stuck somewhere.
  12. It's working. If it's a postpaid or any other connection, it will say error occurred.
  13. INR 99, for .com domain on Godaddy and Bigrock. Just google ".com domains"
  14. http://www.fendaaudio.com/speakers/51_speakers/f8000u/
  15. Go only for F&D. If you've heard VALUE for MONEY, this Company PROVES it. I have 5.1 at my hometown and 2.1 in my rented flat. And I tell you, it is the best thing you'll ever hear. I purchased W330X 2.1 last month which is Bluetooth enabled. Bought them for 3500 from snapdeal and you can get a good 5.1 for around 7000. But if you must, go only for F&D.
  16. IFB is great. Bought a month ago. Model : Senator 8 Front load 8 kg Undoubtedly amazing.
  17. bhai Delhi mein Docomo kbse aaya ?? I have Punjab Docomo, and I live in Delhi. It doesn't catch Docomo signal, but Aircel.
  18. #AmolVerma: Good job buddy !! I just hope this is escalated to them.
  19. Hey Buddy, According to law, investigating officers have to track and recover stolen mobile phones by contacting the service providers, ascertaining user details of the number on which the handset is activated after the theft and visiting the address mentioned in the subscriber form. Cops have to get the IMEI number (the 15-digit identification number) of the stolen phones from the service provider in order to trace them. And do keep in touch with me. I'll try to help !! But if you plan to sit back and wait for police to take action. Nothing will happen. You have to go ahead and put more effort. Message me in PM or reply here. I will keep visiting this Thread.
  20. Also, when IMEI os changed, it only works for Applocations. For the network to identify the IMEI, any IMEI changer is useless. So the network provider will get The IMEI which is actually the original one.
  21. Hi Kartik, I assume you have the SERIAL NUMBER of your phone with you. And since you already have an FIR filed. You have to ask the Police to give the details of your Phone to Network providers. when the guy will insert another Sim into phone of whichever network, the network provider like airtel Vodafone etc. will be able to track the phone number and exact location. You can then ask the police to call and proceed further. To get your phone details to the network providers will be little difficult. But I suggest you do it asap. Thanks.
  22. Agreed ! You definitely missed the CHEAP show And I made a real fuss at the time of order. They sent me a long email asking not to do the same in the future
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