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  1. LINK REMOVED On Sunday 27th March 2016, Moto G Turbo handset priced at 12,499 rs on the eCommerce website, were purchased by the users for4,999Rs with approximately 7,500 rupees discount. The discount was given after the users applied the code ‘GYJQJ3YW’. Visit :-LINK REMOVED Orders Cancelled Sadly the product went out of stock by the evening and then Amazon started cancelling most(Not All) of the orders. Why the order cancellation was unfair from consumer point of view: Some of the consumers actually got the delivery done- We dont know by what logic Amazon chose the lucky consumers. Have a look at some of the images we captured floating around the web. The so called technical glitch lasted for about 6-7 hours- We have seen smaller companies identifying minor pricing errors in matter of minutes , but the ecom giant took 6-7 hours to identify the glitch? Cant it be a promotional fiasco - Not to mention the greatAmazonmobile sale was supposed to start on 28th March (Just 12 Hours after this 'Technical Glitch') Orders left for delivery were called off -Some orders were cancelled at very last minute when they were with the courier boys, One of the consumer was denied delivery after he reached to the courier boy. Now that is unfair and it strictly violates the rules of engagements one has with such a huge brands. Orders were called off giving unfair reasons:One of the orders by my close friend was called off at the very last moment saying it was transported to incorrect courier facility - His Order number - #403-6371759-2349156 Hours of stress discussing the issue with Amazon customer care: TheAmazoncustomer care was utterly rude on this day - a few agents even addressed the customer "Aapko jo bhi karna hai kar lo, offer humari site pe nahi display the". I want to say thease guys -agar order displayed nahi tha toh code 6 ghante takk kaise work kiya? What can be done now to register protest? As a disheartened consumer we call all of the you to boycott Amazon.in just for one day on1st of april 2016to register protest against the so called technical glitch and resort to hashtag activism to spread the word on social networks. Dont Buy anything from Amazon on 1st April 2016 Spread this message on facebook/Twitter with hashtag #NoSaleAmazon Can this be a self created conspiracy by Amazon? It definitely had driven a huge amount of traffic and mouth publicity for amazon. Giants spend 100 of crores on such a mass publicity which amazon got almost free of cost by the 'Technical Glitch'. Ahh and dont forget they held the money for sometime for thousands of prepaid orders. You may soon see more such technical glitches by the traffic hungry competitors like Snapdeal, Flipkart and shopclues !!
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