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  1. I need referral code for ola new users.....and ola cash / uber vouchers.
  2. Download Uber App from play store. 1> Register and Login 2> Go to left hand side menu. 3> Click on promotions 4> Use my referral code ( pm me for code ) or you can use PayTM's code posted 1st page of IFS. 5> both codes will give you only one 1st free ride of Rs 150....difference is you will have to link PayTM to Uber to avail offer....my code can be directly used. For admins : Came back after a long time on IFS.....New mobile version interface of IFS looks great. Sorry if I have posted this in wrong section, kindly move it accordingly. Thanx
  3. Guys, pls let me know any good deal on Datacard recharge or Coupon code for it.
  4. recharge merchant ka naam batao koi.... somebody tell me recharge merchant of citrus cash where I can use citrus cash for recharge.
  5. thanx got Rs100, some1 pls tell me how much time will it take to transfer the money to bank and how much tax they will issue for transferring??? and one more thing 'which client is trusted to make recharge using citrus cash?? (PS:give me link) thanx in adv :-)
  6. OK chen...but I availed and got to know today.
  7. Download matchify app from playstore and get Rs10 paytm cash. valid only for new users. mobile number need to verified for this offer. source: https://paytm.com/shop/p/get-rs-10-paytm-cash-DEAGET-RS-10-PAPAYT478C8ED4F
  8. admin, I hadnt posted affiliate coupon before.... Chen said me give me link for the app. I just copy pasted the exact words from app over here. if u want check my post before editing. And people don't use referral code they won't get any money. there won't be any point in telling the members then. and most imp I accept my mistake of giving the code openly.
  9. kuch to milta he na?? Rs5 toh Rs5 free mein... :-D I don't know how many times one can use the referral code. but its limited so use it or don't use it. its upto u. #admin will this be posted on front page??
  10. I got Rs25 in my wallet exactly at 12:27
  11. download Qickwell app from playstore and register your number and get Rs25 cashback removed
  12. Hey admin, My friend has an Samsung E7 smartphone. I downloaded PayTM and logged in with my account on his phone, but its more than 48hrs but haven't got any Push notification regarding Cashback code. I msgd PayTM regarding this issue but they said 'please send us a SS of your invoice'. Now the question is which invoice shall I send?? Does the product need to be purchased from paytm to avail the offer?? My friend had purchased the smartphone from one of our mutual friends shop. Help please!!!
  13. Hey guys, Download mobikwik App from playstore and register your number....then msg/whatsapp me your number on 8806112331. I'll transfer Rs10 mobikwik promo which u can use it for doing recharge. If u have already registered but haven't accepted any promo den msg me your number. Only who will accept send numbers.
  14. I want only 6 people whose numbers are not registered on snapdeal to use my referral codes. On successful completion send me the screenshot. pm me your price.
  15. Guys, I have just told u simple steps.....its upto u to twerk the steps. My experience: I had bought strontium 16gb memory card last month which was for Rs 396 I cancelled the order. they refunded my money in the form of SD cash. I already had Rs200 in my SD wallet. I contacted Snapdeal to transfer the money into bank, next day I got a call from Snapdeal from delhi, they sent Rs 396+200=596 into my account. ;-)
  16. its very simple guys, the just order a product and cancel it. example: buy a product of Rs 500, pay Rs 10 through DC/CC. if u have SD cash use some of it along with DC payment and the remaining through COD. in simple: Rs 500 product. pay Rs10 through DC/CC. pay Rs 90 through SD cash. remaining Rs 400 through COD. then cancel the item. After cancellation you will get Rs100 in SD wallet. Contact customer care through email/ fb page/ toll free number and tell them about your product cancellation with order id and the full SD cash to be transferred into bank account. that's it!!
  17. i have Rs 5000 promo balance. give me your numbers which have never received any promo balance. Pm me or contact me on whatsapp:8806112331.
  18. Lol.... My trick is diiferent guys. :-) And it works just superb. 4 people have benefited from that trick till now.
  19. I have trick to convert 2g data into 3g data. Its all legal. It works only in some states which have 3g recharges. If you are interested in this then give me reputation and msg me on whatsapp for the price of trick. Ps: people who are not interested don't give -ve reputation. Whatsapp no: 8806112331
  20. I want to recharge my datacard. If any1 got any Vouchers code, or else if u know any codes valid on PayTM/mobikwik/FreeCharge then tell me asap pls. Thanks. Whatsapp:8806112331
  21. I want Rs50 or else Rs100 CB coupon for paytm. PS: it should be applicable on credits too. Thanks. Whatsapp me:8806112331
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