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  1. T24 will be giving away Rs. 500 worth free shopping in February, 2016, which would be similar to their freebie in December, 2015. Please stay tuned to your T24 Mobile phone
  2. Almost 2.5 years completed. More than 2600 min of Free Talktime received. Although Daily advertisements reduced to 2. But new "VIEW PAGE" option added
  3. Two years completed successfully. More than 2200 minutes of free talktime received
  4. Earlier we used to get 5-6 advertisements everyday, but now it has been reduced to 3-4 advertisements
  5. Everyday, I watch all the advertisements one after the other. Have been doing the same for the last 22 months. On an average I get 90 minutes free every month. Also on my Idea Number I get Rs 20 recharge (10+10) every month.
  6. Received 2000 minutes of talk time till today. Receiving 3-4 ads per day. Also got Rs. 100 talk time on non-Docomo number
  7. 14 months completed 1329 minutes of talktime received
  8. 13 months completed, 1264 minutes of talktime received. Currently getting only 2 minutes per day
  9. 12 months successfully completed. More than 1100 minutes of Talktime received. Free minutes now reduced to 3 per day. However if some new ad comes we get a couple of minutes extra (rarely)
  10. 11 months completed. More than 1000 minutes of Talktime received
  11. More than 9 months completed, 940 minutes of free talktime received
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