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  1. source email t's the time to send some love! With ReferMyFriend you can share your referral code with all your friends who have never used BookMyShow, and as soon as they use your code to activate MyWallet, they get an instant credit of ₹50. The best part? When they transact for the first time with us, you too get an instant credit of ₹50. Every single time, with every single friend. ****"Any user who is making their first transaction on BookMyShow (and has used someone's referral code to activate MyWallet) needs to ensure the price of the ticket purchased is greater than Rs.100 (excluding convenience fee). Only if the ticket price is greater than Rs 100, the user whose code has been used will be eligible for his share of the credit. Other T & C's apply rest of tc bmsoffers.com/re?l=D0Its3mveI8enfkiyI8Itro8wv
  2. just upvote and pm me
  3. i like to buy amazon voucher if somebody have then pm me
  4. it shows promocode is expired is any 1n facing this issue
  5. Any 1n pm tooo Any one pm me too
  6. thanx a lot for ur time @akhil @champ @Deepak
  7. why value of oxigen is higher than that of others....???? in term of recharge freecharge nd paytm r best...mobi tooo mobi and paytm r universally available as wallet on each websites.... so why oxigen has higher value ???
  8. I plan to post it yesterday somehow it slip from mah mind ol three codes....enjoy 46ABF55A D063B23F E4015112
  9. I don't think it is possible in Android to write script....nd do whatever u said (because of SElinux(security enhances) kernel security enforcement) and mr shalini....if u do not mind can u post whatever code here or ping me
  10. I didn't use ....when I try at 6pm code.... it is used....daal me kuch kala h
  11. u r 3minute 48 sec late + 16 more sec yup he forget???
  12. exchange wid me have 80cb 0xigen code
  13. 18 final...let me know of you change your mind
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