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  1. Hi sorry from our side and there have no doubt that sometimes good deal get ignored but thanks for aware us. now for your all post full points given thanks for posting. In future we will try to eliminate or minimize such problems.
  2. No that totally wrong. At IFS every member have equal rights to post a deal and equal opportunity to get credit and other offers. if you find that some partiality done by a staff member with someone you can report here or PM ADMIN.
  3. Congrats for deal and welcome to IFS
  4. no doubt in it thanks for share your view
  5. done thanks for posting
  6. thanks for share
  7. Hi welcome to forum thanks for posting
  8. No it totally depend upon staff discretion. If a staff member like the deal he can give points.
  9. Hi, grid layout properly work with adblock i suggest you clear website cache and cookies then try. thanks for support
  10. Dear IFS Community, Thank you to be a part of IFS. It is with great honor to introduce you to the new indiafreestuff.in, we working on it from last three month and It's finally here. we're pleased to share it with you and we hope you'll enjoy it just as much as the previous site. We've upgraded the indiafreestuff to latest software version, which should make the experience a lot better for you especially when it comes to fast searching for deals. As you all noticed there have much improvements in indiafreestuff new update and layout over the old. As this was such a large task and still partially done so there maybe some bugs and no doubt you'll have questions and suggestions about the new look of website so we would like to use this thread where you can discuss the changes and any issues you may encounter. You can post all kinds of issues & suggestions related to forum and front page. Your concerns are an important part of our continuous improvement program within the community. Our developers are monitoring the thread 24x7 and will resolve any bugs that are raised, we are implementing action plans to address outstanding issues. Although we have a list of already know issues. 1. Front Page login not working What to expect next: We will be rolling out updates throughout the week and outline the changes on this thread. Update 1 :- Forum theme has been changed to match our home page. You still have choice to to choose old default theme or new theme. You can change it from footer > Theme Lastly, We'd like to thank you all for your continued support for the site and we trust that you enjoy it. We are committed to providing best shopping experience and help you to save some bucks of your hard-earned money. Enjoy the new site and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get all latest deals and freebies update. Regards, Indiafreestuff Development Team
  11. for first deal no points as price on 27 April was 89rs only and we also posted on fp for second 100 points given as fp post is a complete offer for second credit already given for other now given given100 points to each.
  12. i ordered this https://paytm.com/shop/p/oosh-flax-seeds-250-gms-pack-of-2-FASOOSH-FLAX-SEFOOD278999C6E109E4 i don't think it's worth i never bought anything like this. what you all think should i cancel it or not ?