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  1. given it was @594 three days ago then 599 yesterday and today again 594
  2. three days ago deal posted on fp with same price given for all given given
  3. Good to see that you come back and again start posting.
  4. given for all except AmazonBasics 13.3-inch Laptop Sleeve (Grey) as this deal same as two week before no change in price and offer on all option.
  5. for first given for second price same : for last 100 points as you post wrong price, samsung post have same price on 13 June for other given.
  6. amazon

    Hi @romanreigns Welcome to forum thanks for posting and congrats for your first superdeal
  7. given for all thanks for posting
  8. Hi as other staff member already warn you that don't tag staff members in all post. we regularly check all posted threads and if your posted good enough to be a super deal then surely it will tagging won't increase chance of your post to be a superdeal instead it unnecessary tagging in each deal irritate us as there have also other work to do, so please don't do unnecessary tag else next you will get warning points and ban.
  9. congrats for superdeal thanks for posting