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  2. bought the secret and hunger games and pebble poe=werbank first day..later no clues.. missing all deals. even clue cracked in fraction of seconds, unable to find product.
  3. @muku u will feel guilty for this..please return his money..waht u will get. can u spend dat amount happily.. behave like a human being..
  4. in fb laso..site having very worst reviews..people are waiting for cb from more than 3months.. do if u have free time
  5. bought redmi 1s and moto e on last sale..nothing more ..this tym want to grab some good deals. will keep update deals and loots what i seen and looted ..
  6. bms winpin or egv needed pm your offers
  7. pm me for fresh code 150 off on peppertap no minimum purchase
  8. pm me for fresh code and get 150 off on your order..u will recieve your own after making purchase
  9. will sell woohoo rewards or amazon 1k egv at 850 oxi or 900 mobi
  10. link please.. curl rod only showing..no long rod for dat price in ebay
  11. egv 6 months validity..not winpin
  12. selling bms 150 egv. each 80 paytm/mobi pm me
  13. not 150 ..50 cb on 50 ..for three months
  14. USE TFSPAYTM to get 150 while signup..next in payment section apply REF1500 Next REF500 Total 2150rs will b credited
  15. in bulk 25rs .. or normal 30rs mobikwik/paytm 25rs oxi each .... pm me
  16. need shopclues egv four .pm your offers..
  17. orders are cancelling..
  18. maximum 300rs only at a time..then how unlimited..for clothes there are high prices..there is other tan reward points..otherwise its a waste trick
  19. shipping 99rs + tax extra +u need paytm 20rs = not a good deal
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