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  1. sir the previous updated price 1 week ago was about 499/- So i posted the deal with 385/- so according to it my deal was to be updated as the FPD !! ( as it was at lower price ) but it was not !! and then i updated the price today !! even i should be granted partial points for it as the deal which posted yesterday was lower then the previous FPD even then it was not converted into FPD !! i hope you understand what i am saying !!
  2. sir but the product was posted by me yesterday itself !! and the price at which i posted was less then the previous posted FPD !! so i have just updated my thread not created a new one !! so i should be given points for it !!
  3. OOhh !! now i got it sir !! thanks for clearing it out really appreciate your efforts !!
  4. sir see the first link provided in that thread i totally get what you are trying to say and i am aware of that rule sir , that is why i have provided 2 links one seller has rating of 2042 and the other has rating of 47. Seller with rating of 2042 link :: http://www.ebay.in/itm/Apple-iPhone-S-E-16-GB-Rose-Gold-GoldSilver-DEMO-CONTENT-Sealed-Packed-/112024285402?aff_source=omg @ 31499 Another seller with rating 47 link :: http://www.ebay.in/itm/111999288041?aff_source=Sok-Goog&aff_source=omg @30998 after applying code 1DBS463237 last fpd was about 33.5 k around !! please read the thread once again you will find out !!
  5. @Admin sir can please explain me what you were trying to say !! really sad to see that even after tagging you you didnt replied sir !! i just want clarification thats all .
  6. pm me with price if anyone still have !!
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