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  1. Congrates. I received one , other seems to be dispatching & one cancelled.
  2. Please give BMS or amazon voucher if you have any.
  3. use p5z6w for redbus credit

  4. How do certain members have more than 30+(way more) phone number/sim card info with them? I don't think possession of that many SIM card/phone number is even ethical.Curious
  5. Saale snapdeal waalo ne ab tak cashback nahi Diya Bolte hai,your product was not under cashback banner.Ch**iya banaa rahe he. Saali maggi li thi jo cashback ke liye eligible tha aur Banner ka proof (screenshot) mangne par, reply bandh
  6. Message the trick for free shipping on Amazon

    1. Cricket4all


      read the post properly....

  7. message me big chemist code

  8. Sign-in to the `You` tab on the app and tap on ReferMyFriend and enter

    BMS code for 100 rs credit :65PUL21

  9. 65PUL21


    BMS code for 100 rs. credit

  10. BMS code : 65PUL21

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    2. kzrockz


      you will get 100 rupee the credit but i won'

    3. pankaj6119


      yes !!! but hv to wait until the tym i get some ticket under 100 rs as from next friday the tickets rates will be above 250 for the next 2 movies BM and Dilwale

    4. kzrockz
  11. Depends on your usage style. Personally Redmi 2 prime is best option under 8k & also app content is rich on android
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