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  1. Repost point given to @CheckMate Replied Given we posted before you , No point
  2. DROOM helmet @49

    50 point given to each @WalterWhite & @Cristiano
  3. Given you already got credit for this topic (same day) if price drop you need to add comment in your topic , don't create new post
  4. Given Price was same before , No Point Bumped Deal , No Point we didn't promote this single product , no point
  5. given admin already replied Given we didn't promote this on fp , no point Given why asking again , admin already replied given admin replied given we posted before you , no point already given
  6. only Rs.4 down https://www.indiafreestuff.in/amazonbasics-laptop-stand-rs-649-amazon
  7. Given you need to share all product link , 50 point given only for one topic Given