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  1. Price is 55 only, who soever want ping me
  2. If some one is busy does it mean that other person is cheater, Boney i think u should have patience of a day, send me ur number of Paytm, will give ur amount back. cant deal with a person who cant understand someones emergency
  3. Hi, I have 150 rs coupons for Rs 55, whoseover want PM ME.
  4. Anyboday Need Ebay Coupons Contact me at 15 Paytm/ Mobi
  5. how much winpin do u need champ
  6. Hi,' I am selling [email protected] Paytm Mobikwik bulk rate.
  7. Hi, I am selling CCD Vouchers at 8rs paytm/Mobikwik in bulk rate.
  8. Hi, If anybody need winpin can contact me, I have more than 100 win pin of Rs 50. If anybody need pm me.
  9. Nifftler CCD Vouchers give away, for deals PM me
  10. Hi, I require Amazon 50rs gift vouchers, if any body willing to sell, can pm me the offer.
  11. I will return the amount by EOD, nd Leave IFS Because of the people here who have been moderators and experts nd not taking a the decision fairly. Chen a big responsibility have been given to you, Act fairly and dnt take his side, u didnt scolded him for the abusive language, he used the same language in the forum also, then in the forum he said he will msg me directly so he did. Did u banned him Chen, no how u can say me to ban... first look for ur mistakes also. I will suggest u to be fair with the members if u have got the power to look into the matter.
  12. I will return, but be fair u people are not looking for the mistake of dev cool, Its just that he is the old member.
  13. Why chen is taking side of him, did u reacted fairly Chen, I justed asked to reply me on IFS instead of doing on whats app. Message what u messaged on Whats app. You contacted that day to me. Did Dev listened you, dev still messaged me midnight. Nd u still took his side. Nd regarding BAN, if u wanted to do do it. I will wait for it. I am not wrong here, If u will message on whats app and take the others side after his mistake also.
  14. then why do ifs member come and whats indevidually, i didnt asked anyone to msg, why ifs moderators poke their nose inbetween
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