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  1. Made account on 15th morning still didn't received any cashback. Anyone with the same problem?
  2. My biggest loot was when there was referral program by freecharge in which they gave Rs. 25 for each referral. I used some trick and got Rs 110000 in two months. I had lots of money to recharge so I contacted a recharge shop near my college and sold all the recharge amount for around 90000. I have no certain picture to proove my point but I have around 120 freecharge IDs . The recharge history can proove my point I think.
  3. I too contacted citrus they said no response came from zoomcar regarding the cashback. I think delay is from zoomcar side.
  4. So what to do? Wait or move on? Do they track IPs or mac address or something like that?
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