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  1. i think they just collect data not evening asking address
  2. congo bro keep looting wat u will do with that many bottles (just curious to knw) wen was this offer
  3. for all the people who faced invalid coupon just retry in ur freecharge acc now just redeemed few mins ago not facing the problem anymore do like if it worked
  4. received free sample from spawake still more to receive additional info: having 1 rubber pouch and 3 2ml of samples 2 triple care serum,1 face wash
  5. the website gave 300off (no min purchase ) for new user now over but 100off is working see on front page
  6. got 6 different items & 2 Domino Pizza Coupons still one more item to be dispatched thanx ifs&team
  7. old post and not sending samples any more
  8. u have done some mistake in some place(should be same email and number of both account ) till now i have redeem from 4 accounts perfectly out of 7 try to ping the support freqently hope ur problem will solve
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