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  1. hi bro

    send me code plz, thnks

  2. hahaha, sure, made a mistake so have to be punished, thanks man...
  3. I thought I posted that deal in wrong forum that's why posted here..
  4. Only for jaipur valid till 1st oct. 2016 valid for bill up to rs. 300 or above payment mode can be anything like voucher, ewallets,coupon etc. PM me
  5. want to have fc code @15 via paytm
  6. valid for all users?? on postpaid bill?? my price 15 rs. per coupon, agreed?? pm me??
  7. Hello Friends, PM me if you want to buy KFC Voucher, will be valid till 1ST SEPT 2016. payment can be received in any form like voucher, in e-wallet or direct transfer.
  8. Hello Friends, I have a voucher of Pizza Hut of Rs. 300 but only available for jaipur, rajasthan, that is why want to sell it out in just Rs. 200 which is like 33% off. I would like to have a payment through any e-wallet or form of any other voucher(valid for udaipur) This voucher will be valid till 1st oct. 2016
  9. Hello Friends, Although most of you guys have already used dream11 site, but I just wanna let you remind about it to play it seriously as it can make you win thousands by playing it with calculated risk & proper use of your knowledge about cricket. I won almost 6000 within last month, I spent only 50 & won 5000+. So best of luck as it also depends on your luck as well... PM me for referral link so that you can have 250rs. to play it to take risk at free.
  10. pm me if it works in Udaipur, Rajasthan.
  11. I got 50 cluebucks in one of my shopclues account, don't you worry everyone will get it like earlier...
  12. wish to santa I wish to have a home for my family. I wish to become an entrepreneur in Online Selling. I wish to go out side of India within a year. I wish to destroy an ISIS totally from this earth. I wish to do all of the above things by myself instead of getting them done...
  13. not working now, having said that website is offline.
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