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  1. Please make a post in main page so that every one knows it. Because from two months the title of this post is tagged as result out. So we can't get it know whether the result is out or not.
  2. In Ifs forum some where I read about a free SMS site. It's given that for every sms sent Rs.0.10 will be earned & For each referral Rs.2 will be earned. Not clear about the credit, but read about this some where in this site. Some one please tell me the site name.
  3. Engineers Adda Launch Freebie! Thanks. You will soon receive your Free T-Shirt. It's powered by google drive...
  4. Doctors recommended J&J. So we started using them.And then we did not face any problem to our baby. Infact it improved the fairness & growth of our baby. In the above report it's given that problem in the product was found in 2007. Now it's 2013.....
  5. Timtara is upgaded to masticart I think!!!
  6. Is it good news for you?? almost 60 % of people use these product to their children....
  8. I's ok....to add rep to +1 you should click on green up arrow. if you click on red It'll reduce one. Admin gave me +1,you gave -1,+1 So finally it is +1
  9. Tradus sent Vim worth Rs.5 instead of Rs.10 contact their cc at [email protected] Take snapshot of product you have got and attach it in mail. Mention order no. & clearly explain them what happened & ask for refund Please add REP if you like my post.
  10. Onion chopper worth Rs.199 for Rs.41 from tradus.
  11. Red label teas 35gm Worth Rs.10 @ Rs.3 each
  12. As it is in pounds can I buy from Indian sellers ???
  13. explain clearly. What's X bucks
  14. ADMIN! Please update in the post that cashback will be applicable only once for one card. If we use same card with different account offer is not applicable
  15. Got cash back Your available Balance is Rs 30.00 Get more Balance!FreeCharge offers you a whole range of options for depositing more cash in your Balance.
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