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      No points will be given for Trending Section   03/03/2018

      Points won't be credited for Trending Section. Superdeal price will be considered from last Superdeal price not from last Trending deal price. Example:- Deal posted at Rs. 500 on 1st March in Superdeal. later it bumped at Rs. 550 on 2nd March in Trending. On 3rd March its posted at Rs. 525 = no credit as last superdeal price was Rs. 500


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  1. @Admin It is expected from you to reply on a topic in a considerable time but you don't. It seems totally unprofessional and hampers your goodwill. Please reply to the topics you are tagged into within a considerable time. If you don't have the answer at the particular time atleast acknowledge the question or suggestion.
  2. hey @Admin You created a telegram channel and said you are giving away 200 amazon gift voucher. I would like to suggest you to declare the usernames who have won the gift vouchers. This provides more transparency in the contest. Thanks.
  3. Jio 10GB Free for 28 days

    It means you haven't received the add on
  4. Congratulation And Wishes

    @Admin @bj9sepbpt is right please atleast reply him. Be professional. As not replying will hamper your reputation.
  5. Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy B'day bro have a wonderful day
  6. But I think telegram will be better as it does not require mobile number rather username may be used for adding members.
  7. @Admin @HellRocker @IronMan @Arka @raviwd @rahulkpr87 @superdealer @MrLegend Hello IFS staff and members, I wanted to suggest to create an IFS group on telegram messenger because in telegram we don't have to share our mobile numbers to be a participant in a group so it may lead to more privacy and less spam. Please comment below to tell what you think
  8. What happened to IFS

    Thanks for the response. While tagging (using @ symbol), instead of showing usernames it is popping up forum or thread.
  9. Hey admin and staff, I am unable to tag anyone wht happened to IFS. Also let us know briefly what happened to IFS a week ago. Are our datas safe? Was it a DDOS attack or the website hijacked? Look at the screenshot
  10. http://www.bblunt.com/freesample/

    Already on FP