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    Li-Ning Badminton Racquet from ₹349 View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/sports/badminton/badminton-racquet/li-ning~brand/pr?sid=abc%2Cegs%2C5wq&marketplace=FLIPKART&otracker=product_breadCrumbs_Li-Ning+Badminton+Racquet&sort=price_asc
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    Site should be much faster and main deal page (first page) should be auto updated when new deals arrives because otherwise I have to use extension to refresh page after every 2-3 minutes
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    Safari LIRA 65 RDFL Duffel Strolley Bag (Black) View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/safari-lira-65-rdfl-duffel-strolley-bag/p/itm7db465a410c98?pid=DFBF8XG6CSWGXTMB&lid=LSTDFBF8XG6CSWGXTMBKDJ6RX
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    Hello and welcome to all in IFS community posting a thread is very easy here before going there let all of you introduce to thread posting guidelines i.e rules and regulation pls visit here http://indiafreestuf...and-regulation/ now coming to point First of all you have to search before posting any deal whether its already in the forum or not suppose we have to post ebay flat 100 off then search using any keyword like ëbay,100 etc(see the screenshot) . If deal has any coupon then search only with coupon for best result. now after that result will come(see screenshot} if that deal is already there not more than 30 days then your post will be repost however if any update is there then post it in comment of original deal next choosing where to post= hot deal- deals valid for more than one day should contain product link,price etcupcoming deals - deal which are not live yet note: pls post upcoming deal price or discount and give probable link toocoupon - coupon like yebhi discount coupons, pepperfry etc should be posted here posting freebies= for posting freebies post at freebie forum After choosing right forum Click on Start new Topic ---> Add head link, description and link ---> Click Submit
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    Free LED by osram.

    yes,i will try n try until i die .
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    Free LED by osram.

    i was registered for the same long ago,nothing received till date.anyways thnx for posting.
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    thanks for this valuable information.
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    Reply of Any Query is very important but should be proper guidance with help of user useful to all
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    thanks so start posting
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