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  1. Amazon Summer sale-13 to 16 May

  2. https://www.amazon.in/Great-Indian-Sale/b?ie=UTF8&node=5731634031
  3. GET FLAT 500 CASHBACK{No minimum purchase}

    Ok then next time even if I post late but add all details make sure to give me all the credits and not the one who posted first
  4. GET FLAT 500 CASHBACK{No minimum purchase}

    I mentioned 500 cashback and also mentioned no minimum purchase.There were many products of KXIP so didn't mention it.He mentioned only cap in title but main loot was jersey.By the way from when the method of judging by the title came?If I post a deal with nice headline after someone posts it will I get the whole credits just for giving a nice title??????
  5. GET FLAT 500 CASHBACK{No minimum purchase}

    @Admin @indiafreestuffparam FP credits?? vikash4 edited the topic at 3:11.I posted at 3:10
  6. GET FLAT 500 CASHBACK{No minimum purchase}

    FOR FREE:https://paytmmall.com/kxip-fan-jersey-CMPLXAPPKXIP-FAN-JERT10-202046028FDED-pdp? https://paytmmall.com/kxip-fan-jersey-ed-2018-CMPLXAPPKXIP-FAN-JERT10-20204A5BB3503-pdp Keep refreshing they are coming back in stock again and again
  7. For free:https://paytmmall.com/kxip-value-cap-ACCKXIP-VALUE-CT10-202044E6E79DD-pdp CODE:KXIP500 View deal - https://paytmmall.com/kings-xi-punjab-blpid-484669?sort_price=0
  8. NEW STOCK ADDED-Paytm Rs.1 sale

  9. Watch -Rs.1+19:https://paytmmall.com/missperfect-collection-watch-for-men-boy-WATMISSPERFECT-MISS268817FC62AA53-pdp View deal - https://paytmmall.com/Mahabazaar-llpid-160278?src=store&sort_new=1
  10. Congratulations to all winners!!!
  11. Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy New Year 2018 to IFS Family!!! May all get big loots this year!!