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  1. With the Kenstar Oxy Fryer in your kitchen, you can binge on fries and other such snacks guilt-free. The fryer lets you prepare chips and other fried snacks without a drop of oil.

    Non-Stick Coated Food Basket
    The fryer comes with a non-stick coated food basket, preventing you from having to deal with any greasy spots while cleaning. The basket has a basket release button that makes it easy to clean.

    Capacity Of Three Liters
    This fryer comes with a capacity of three liters so preparing snacks for a large number of guests is going to be fun and easy.

    30 Minute Timer With Auto Shut Down
    You can set the timer on the fryer to any time below 30 minutes, according to what you are preparing before you carry on with your other chores. The fryer will shut down at the time you set it to.

    80 To 200 Degree Celsius
    You can set the temperature to anything between 80 to 200-degree celsius based on the kind of dish you are preparing.

    The fryer has a comfortable handle on the top that lets you carry it from one place to another with ease. The handle can easily be pushed inside, making the fryer look presentable in your kitchen.

    Air Outlet Vent
    With the air outlet vent, this fryer keeps your kitchen free from any unwanted smell while you are cooking.



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