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  1. Happy New Year 2017 to all the IFS Members :)

  2. This version looks too much great i.e even better then old version. In my opinion, you must make this one as final Right @MrAjaya ?
  3. Really new version is not user-friendly. No option to go to previous pages & rather following message is displayed - Ho Ho Ho what are you doing ? Its better to roll back changes until release of final version...
  4. I didn't expected u will do like this with me...
  5. So i shared 3 different offers(each offer valid once per user). Atleast u must give 300 points (100*3) but u r coming with different reasons everytime like repost, invalid just not give credit.. Not fair!
  6. ok leave credit for this topic but atleast give for following topic where I even shared coupon code. Hope u will give deserving credit .Thanks.
  7. Its not invalid because I shared complete offer details along with offer link where code is being shown. Please don't do like this & give me credit for both topics. Were u not going to give if someone else was going to going share remaining deals except Rs.125 cashback offer ? Just because I shared thats why ?
  8. Please share link as I m unable to search the original topic.Thanks.
  9. Steps to post new deal - 1) Go here - http://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/forum/5-hotdeals-forum/?do=add 2) Enter deal details . 3) Finally click on submit button at the end of page to share your deal.
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