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  1. dgreatgambler007

    Selling - Nearbuy Deals

    Are u still offering these offers??
  2. dgreatgambler007

    Selling BMS 1200 Rs credit @ Discount

    u still have it...??
  3. dgreatgambler007

    Query regarding amazon.com giftcard

    You can use it on amazon.com only. Also the applicability of the gc depends upon its origin i.e. if u got this gc from amazon appstore, then it can only be used to purchase apps otherwise it can be used sitewide on any product according to amazon.com gc usage policy. I don't think u have to pay anything extra if u settle the consolidated order value through GC but still do confirm it with cc or see yourself applying the GC, not sure about it.
  4. dgreatgambler007

    Need Udio/Oxi Have Paytm

    check pm...
  5. dgreatgambler007

    Need Flipkart Egv

    check pm
  6. dgreatgambler007

    Freecharge 100 cashback. Buy/Trade

    Have 1 coupon......buyers pm me
  7. dgreatgambler007

    need fc/oxi have citrus

    check pm.....
  8. dgreatgambler007

    Goibibo gocash Rs 500 free as gift

    Thankss a lot!!
  9. dgreatgambler007

    Goibibo gocash Rs 500 free as gift

    check pm plzzz....
  10. dgreatgambler007

    Amazon GV Reqd

    I am also buying amazon gvs.....sellers ping me plzz
  11. dgreatgambler007

    need dominos bogo code

    visit the link....
  12. dgreatgambler007

    Selling paytm cash at 2% discount at imps

    how much paytm u have??
  13. dgreatgambler007

    Want 300 paytm in exchange of fc

    pm me.....
  14. dgreatgambler007

    Selling 2475 Amazon gv

    Same [email protected] ChampRules not able to pm u.....make some free space in ur inbox