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  1. I think it works with airtel, might work with Vodafone too try official app maybe u can bank transfer it......
  2. Selling 50 rides (worth 250) for 1300 only, also 100 rides (worth 250) for 2500, 500 rides for 7000, and 1000 for 13k, also availabe 5000 rides worth Rs. 60k and 10k rides for 1 lac only. Discount is more at higher quantity as u can see. So buy max that u can afford
  3. Thx to each and every person who voted me, can't mention u here as I don't really know who voted me but may god bless all who did, Have a very happy new year.
  4. Sorry I think I voted myself by mistake in the second activity, plz cancel that one. But plz don't cancel my vote for the 1St competition
  5. http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/190503-ifs-christmas-and-new-year-event-win-prizes/?page=4
  6. http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/uploads_/monthly_2015_12/ifs.png.2cd922b6e428629ebbf8f9887808a202.png
  7. If u like em so much, u can purchase them from market bro. Or deliver to some trustworthy person and get it parcelled
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