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  1. I think it works with airtel, might work with Vodafone too try official app maybe u can bank transfer it......
  2. Selling 50 rides (worth 250) for 1300 only, also 100 rides (worth 250) for 2500, 500 rides for 7000, and 1000 for 13k, also availabe 5000 rides worth Rs. 60k and 10k rides for 1 lac only. Discount is more at higher quantity as u can see. So buy max that u can afford
  3. Thx to each and every person who voted me, can't mention u here as I don't really know who voted me but may god bless all who did, Have a very happy new year.
  4. Sorry I think I voted myself by mistake in the second activity, plz cancel that one. But plz don't cancel my vote for the 1St competition
  5. http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/190503-ifs-christmas-and-new-year-event-win-prizes/?page=4
  6. http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/uploads_/monthly_2015_12/ifs.png.2cd922b6e428629ebbf8f9887808a202.png
  7. If u like em so much, u can purchase them from market bro. Or deliver to some trustworthy person and get it parcelled
  8. Reaching For The Sky This year, we had a whole lot of experiences from best to worst. From Amazon to shopclues. Some gave good memories, some gave a lifelong lesson. But the I would like to mension is my experience this Diwali. We had heard a lot about go green, ban crackers and some other things, so we planned to do something different this time. We went on a long drive, before 7 days to diwali, on my way, I saw many things that one experiences. Bmw owners to roadside beggers, we were with friends so didn't care much about them. But we were quite annoyed with the fact that there are so many in India who are still begging instead of doing some job, they find begging much easier and income generating than doing a proper job, but yeah, u can't blame them, the jobs r itself too limited. We had a blast on the outing, (thulo ne bahut pareshan kara bas usko chodh ke:p). Met punjabi singer Ninja twice soon after. Got new friends on ifs. Trading and looting has increased as time passes by, but yeah one sincere request don't use shopclues, I'm like a guy who doesn't follow critics but once I'm don't with a bad experience. I bet not deal with em next time untill they gimme free cluebucks like they gave on christmas (how to add a christmas tree here????) . 2nd isn't really an experience, but a quest to discover the - TRUE MEANING OF LIFE Maybe I'm too old to say that or perhaps maybe too young, but I'm still on my way to know what life really is...... Its like we wake up in the morning (Birth). Have a tension free mind and a lot of energy as we get up (student life). We do our daily chores and work all day (middle age). Then after that we have all the time to do what we need, but don't have anything to do (old age). Finally we end up from where we began (Death). If this is a so called life cycle where we only change body not the soul, then wake me up when its all over (BTW this is a song by avici, u must listen to it if u like rythm and english lyrics). Pheww.... So its just like a maze u keep searching for where your life has gone. Bachpan mein padne ki tention, badme naukri ki. Sahi life patner dundne ki race, fir ghar lekar settle hone ka jasba. Jab job hai to retire hone ke jaldi, jab retire ho jate toh wapis kaam karne ki aadat. Budhape mein zindagi se kab haar jayein uski tension, aur bacho ke liye savings karne ki chahat. Finnally jab tak insaan mar nahi jata, tab tak Woh aise hi life ko dhundta rehta hai, par zindagi ki tension aur kaam ke wajah se sab kuch fade sa hoti jata hai. Bachpan mein khali jeyb par paise udhane ka shaunk. Job ke time paise bhi bahut hai, par time aur savings ki wajah se peeche hatne ki jaroorat. Budhape mein time aur paisa dono hote hain par sugar, diebetes, cholesterol se sab kuch khane ki manayi. I guess I should let this mystery like it is, and let all my remaining days be utilised for a purpose. Do whatever you like if u want, and let your tentions go to hell. This new year, take a leave from your office and rush to get what u want, dont worry abot money, puri jindagi padi hai. Looto kharcho, and let it go on. At last this is all I want to say (as I have taken out my Sunday to write this whole novel-cum-experience) take a break, have a kit-kat. Try something new, learn guitar or drums or buy what u need from nike airmax shoes coming this year ti your beats powerbeatz headset. And yeh if u got the answer what life really is.... then don't forget to pm me Happy New Year 2016
  9. I will give ya fresh new Id, I.e use my id, but yeah I can use ur referal for my new acc.
  10. Offering uber rides too @ almost equivalent rate. Pm me if ur interested.
  11. Everything sold out, only uber rides worth 500 and 400, 600 left
  12. No selling at Rs.20, Rate kharab ho gaya No selling at Rs.20, Rate kharab ho gaya
  13. Selling Rs.250 worth rides, just Rs.100 (per 250 ride) Exclusively for bulk buyers - buy 10 × worth 250 rides at just Rs. 699 Payment - Airtel Money, Paytm, Oxi, Imps, Bank transfer and even more
  14. Selling Rs.250 worth rides, just Rs.100 (per 250 ride) Exclusively for bulk buyers - buy 10 × worth 250 rides at just Rs. 699 Payment - Airtel Money, Paytm, Oxi, Imps, Bank transfer and even more
  15. Want ASAP, so giving paytm 1:1 Pm me for exchange
  16. Thx bro and everyone for helping me up to this point, hope u stay the same forever
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