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  1. First and last service taken from them will not prefer heybiz again and requesting you to please think before try my Mi 3 screen was broken so I was checking for online repair and visited heybiz also so they called me I find good price and and 6 months warranty and before placing order they told me you will get within a day or max. 2 days but so I said yes and phone pickuped same day now after 5 days (including pickuped day) they told me on Saturday you will get it final means today I got message from them that your phone will be delivered today now delivery boy called me and I can't deliver today what is this way and telling me I can deliver on Monday now I will wait for another 2 days and I don't know about the quality also what they have done will see and update but if you want the product early and don't want to waste your time prefer not to go with them pathetic behavior .
  2. Can you please make some changes on 5 th not now afterwards and are we allowed to give suggestions on any deal/ post or not
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